With the current consensus on the poor air quality of India, consumers no longer just purchase smart gadgets or environmental-friendly products for themselves but further choose to gift it to their loved ones as well.

Think of the AQI as a yardstick that runs from 0 to 500. The higher the AQI value, the greater the level of air pollution and the greater the health concern. For example, an AQI value of 50 represents good air quality with little potential to affect public health, while an AQI value over 300 represents hazardous air quality.

An AQI value of 100 generally corresponds to the national air quality standard for the pollutant, which is the level EPA has set to protect public health. AQI values below 100 are generally thought of as satisfactory. When AQI values are above 100, air quality is considered to be unhealthy-at first for certain sensitive groups of people, then for everyone as AQI values get higher.

Understanding the AQI

The purpose of the AQI is to help you understand what local air quality means to your health. To make it easier to understand, the AQI is divided into six categories:

Each category corresponds to a different level of health concern. The six levels of health concern and what they mean are:

“Good” AQI is 0 to 50. Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.

“Moderate” AQI is 51 to 100. Air quality is acceptable; however, for some pollutants there may be a moderate health concern for a very small number of people. For example, people who are unusually sensitive to ozone may experience respiratory symptoms.

“Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” AQI is 101 to 150. Although general public is not likely to be affected at this AQI range, people with lung disease, older adults and children are at a greater risk from exposure to ozone, whereas persons with heart and lung disease, older adults and children are at greater risk from the presence of particles in the air.

“Unhealthy” AQI is 151 to 200. Everyone may begin to experience some adverse health effects, and members of the sensitive groups may experience more serious effects.

“Very Unhealthy” AQI is 201 to 300. This would trigger a health alert signifying that everyone may experience more serious health effects.

“Hazardous” AQI greater than 300. This would trigger a health warnings of emergency conditions. The entire population is more likely to be affected.

Air Ok launches Vistar Comfort Air Purifiers

The purifiers are offered with EGAPA Comfort filter that is built with special media to absorb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and many other acidic gases in the air to make the workplace atmosphere clean, healthier and lively. The Vistar Comfort air purifiers can effectively improve air quality for coverage area starting from 15m2 to 104 m2.

The Comfort filter draws its power from indigenously made patented technology of EGAPA (Efficient Granular Adsorbent Particulate Arrester), which plays an essential role in filtering out different air pollutants. With the powerful filter, Vistar Comfort purifiers have a wide range of applications; especially in all mechanically ventilated indoor spaces where there is no provision for fresh air to enter.

Vistar Comfort air purifiers are easy-to-operate with Uni-Touch Interface where control of the device is at the users’ fingertips. A complete glass finish look on the top adds to the elite look of the workplace interiors. Its low-noise generation makes it the ultimate choice to improve air quality indoors all day long. These smart air purifiers offer Wi-Fi & cloud connectivity, and users can also control the functions via a mobile app with ease. Vistar Comfort air purifiers demand low maintenance with filter replacement in every 8-12 months depending upon the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration levels.

Air Tamer A310

Air Tamer A310, a wearable air purifier that helps consumers breathe clean air on-the-go is now available in India. The product is FCC certified and is made available in India at the same price as in the US. It is currently priced at INR. 9999 only. In India it is available exclusively at GlobalKart.com, a new e-commerce portal, which is making innovative global products available to Indian consumers at global prices. Unlike other e-commerce sites, it also provides cash on delivery option for global products.

The ultra-compact and incredibly versatile design of the Air Tamer makes it easy to carry and simple to use. An individual can wear it around the neck and commute freely. It is easily charged with a standard USB cable available in-the box. Unlike other Air Purifiers the Air Tamer does not have any filter that needs to be replaced periodically.

Air Tamer not only cleanses the air but also, sterilizes the surroundings up to 97.5% by eliminating the viruses within seconds. AirTamer’s advanced ionic technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space. Its state-of-the-art electrostatic purification system creates a 3-foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head. It cleans the air of atomic sized pollutants (e.g. viruses, pollen, smoke, mould and dust mites) that traditional air purifiers leave behind. Equipped with Power Boost Technology Air Tamer provides 9 times more cleaning power than its competitors. It is silent in operation and is extremely energy efficient as it provides 150+ hours of run time on one charge.

Vayo Air purifier from the Moonbow category by Hindware.

• VAYO comes with a user-friendly touch panel with PM2.5 display along with an air quality indicator, which with a light display feature shows the air quality in the room, ranging from green (excellent quality), blue (good quality) to red (Un Healthy Quality). It also has a CADR of 400 m³/hr and up to 50m² coverage area.

• The air purifier is also equipped with additional features such as auto mode, 3-speed level, filter replacement indicator, timer, child-lock and sleep mode to enhance user experience.

• The sleek and elegant new air purifier is equipped with a PURI 5 technology, a 5 stage filtration system which purifies particles as small as 0.3 micron in size such as fine dust, smoke, bacteria, pollen and mould spores.

• Its pre-filter traps large particles like human hair, pet dander and dust and also has a high grade True HEPA filter (HEPA 13) which filters 8 times smaller particle than PM 2.5 with 99.5% efficiency to ensure clean breathable air.

• Its activated Carbon Filter neutralises odours such as smoke, harmful gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and a formaldehyde filter and refreshing energizers releases more than 8 million negative ions for improved indoor air quality.

SHARP Unveils New “FP-JC2M-B” Car Air Purifier

SHARP, a renowned name in consumer durable products, professional displays and Office Solutions, today unveiled new “FP-JC2M-B” Car Air Purifier, especially designed and built for India. Aimed to strengthen its presence in India and to expand its air purifier range, SHARP Business System India Private Limited, the 100% subsidiary of SHARP Corporation, Japan has brought in the latest series of Air Purifiers and Car Air Purifiers.

SHARP FP-JC2M-B Car Air Purifier is a smart device that cleanses air inside car silently using dual technology of HEPA & Carbon filters which removes PM2.5 and other gaseous substances while SHARP’s owned developed and award-winning Plasmacluster technology generates fresh air, eliminates toxic fumes, gases, molds and reduces static electricity providing the passengers clean and odorless air for your car. The air purifier has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 0.54 cubic meters per minute.

The Coverage area for FP-JC2M-B is 3.6 cubic meters and it is suitable for every kind of car and SUV. Unlike other car air purifier, FP-JC2M-B can be placed on the back rest or arm rest with a belt provided for maximum output. The Car Air Purifier is powered by a 12Volts Car Adapter and has 4 operation modes of Auto, Low, Medium and High according to driving situation. FP-JC2M-B car air purifier boosts a clean sign indicator and odor sensor with light dimmer option available.

Havells Freshia Air Purifier

Havells recently introduced its latest air-purifiers range AP-58, AP-46, AP-40 and AP-20 with an innovative 9-stage filtration process that promises to curb and eliminate air-borne pollutants as small as 0.3 micron, capturing pollutants up to 99.99%. The latest range is priced between INR 14,490- Rs. 43,290 and comes in white colour. The purifier consists of LED air quality indicator in varied colours such as Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange. The size of the purifier varies from 58 m2- 20 m2 which resonates with the room size and product design.

Havells has designed the Freshia air-purifier range to provide intelligent solutions and enhance well-being of the society. Equipped with SmartAir technology and a rigorous 9-stage filtration system, it eliminates various air-borne pollutants effectively, infusing freshness in the environment. In addition to standard pre-filter, anti-bacterial, anion producer, cold catalyst, True HEPA technology, the product also embeds humidifier, activated carbon, sterilizing UV light and anti-bacterial balls.

Designed for maximum convenience, the range comes with a BLDC noiseless motor along with remote access to adjust the speed according to the room size. Crafted to improve air quality, the purifier offers built-in features like filter replacement reminder, front cover open protection. With acute efficiency and powerful air-purification system, the range also offers CADR up to 500 m3/hr.

Xiaomi India launches its latest Mi Air Purifier 3

Xiaomi, India’s number one smartphone and smart TV brand, today announced the all new Mi Air Purifier 3, the latest in Xiaomi’s line-up of smart air purifiers.

Mi Air Purifier 3 is the successor to the much-loved Mi Air Purifier 2S which was launched last year. It features triple-layer filtration which includes a primary filter, a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, making it class-leading in the segment. The primary filter is responsible for intercepting large particles in the air (PM10 and above); the true HEPA filter is capable of eliminating 99.97% of small pollutants (PM2.5), while the activated carbon filter is capable of ridding the air of formaldehyde, toxic substances and bad odour. The 360° cylindrical filter design allows suction of air from all directions.

Mi Air Purifier 3 has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 380m³/h which makes it capable of delivering 6333 litres of purified air every minute with a coverage area of upto 484ft2. Mi Air Purifier 3 features a minimalist design featuring a touch-enabled OLED display which shows the AQI (Air Quality Index) in real-time. Mi Air Purifier 3 can be connected to the Mi Home app allowing real-time AQI monitoring over the air.

Mi Air Purifier 3 is available for INR 9,999 on Mi.com starting now with the filter available for INR 2,199 on Mi.com. Mi Air Purifier 3 will be available on Amazon and Flipkart starting 7th November 2019.

Puricare Mini Air purifier.

The Mini Airpurifier comes with PM 1.0 sensor and has a powerful performance thanks to its Dual Fans to send cleaner air further. It’s equipped with Inverter motor for fast purification and can detect & remove 99% of the pollutants as fine as 0.3㎛. It has a very compact design and boasts of Cordless operation with a 3,600mAH rechargeable battery which lasts up to 2 hours at maximum operation level once full charged. The product is extremely handy weighing 530g with a similar size of a 500ml water bottle to fit in the glass holder of the cars or to be carried in arm with ease. The product has Bluetooth connectivity to check & control all the various functions on the mobile app. The app informs you the real time air condition around you, battery life or when to clean/ replace the filter. It’s a perfect product to have clean air any place and at any time while being on-the-move as well as in an individual space including a car.

Eureka Forbes gives you protection from the killers in the air

Air pollution is at worrisome levels. In order to make Indian homes safer, Eureka Forbes Limited, India’s leading health and hygiene brand, has launched its finest purifiers to date – Aeroguard AP 700 DX and Dr Aeroguard HPA 500. These are India’s first air purifiers with a disease protection system and an H1N1 HEPA filter that helps prevent swine flu. The purifiers were launched keeping in mind the current air pollution concerns in India, which include indoor pollution. The purifiers are powered by six-stage filtration systems to tackle the new-age pollutants and viruses.

A study by Airvisual and Greenpeace placed 15 Indian cities among the 20 most polluted in the world. New Delhi, home to more than 20 million people, was ranked at 11, making it the world’s most polluted capital – ahead of Dhaka and Kabul. Another study showed that air pollution kills a child every three minutes. These statistics clearly show the need for home technology to keep families safe.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifiers

Dyson launched an air purifier plus heater uniquely engineered for year round use, the new Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier. It delivers fast and even room heating in winter, powerful cooling in summer and efficient purification through all seasons. The machine automatically detects airborne particles and gases and simultaneously reports to the new LCD screen and Dyson Link app in real time, encouraging wellbeing and maintaining comfort levels in the home.

Air pollution is a huge problem in India with 14 out of 15 most polluted cities in the world in terms of PM 2.5 are in India, as per a recent WHO report. As awareness rises, equal importance has been given to indoor air quality as we spend majority of our time indoors. Furthermore, the outdoor pollution can

Top Mobile Apps To Measure Air Quality In India

SAFAR-Air: System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research is a project of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. It is a Multi-lingual app which helps in tracking air pollution of an area in four different languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati.

1. AirVisual: This air quality app brings the data together from the government and satellite imagery to help you check the air pollution level in your area. It has the ability to track both indoor and outdoor air pollutants. AirVisual is available to download on both iOS and Android smartphones.

2. AirMatters: The app provides real-time air quality and weather alerts. Users can also connect it to a Phillips-brand air purifier or Laser Egg-brand air monitor. It offers data from more than 10,000 monitoring stations for over 50 countries.

3. Air quality by Plume Labs: Just like a weather forecast, the app gives real-time pollution levels and forecasts of how air quality will evolve hour by hour over the next 24 hours in your area.

AQI India app comes up with such innovation which will enable users to search and explore the location of their choice and check real-time values of the air quality index (AQI) and PM 2.5 separately. Based on the data at a specific location, the app will also provide personalized health recommendations.

With over 92% of Indian population reeling under the perils of air pollution, it has become imperative to identify and mitigate the root causes of this rising health emergency. AQI India, through its intelligent algorithms and high precision pollution detection sensors, captures every minuscule air particle to publish highly accurate readings. One can easily download the AQI India App from the Google App Store and free for Android and IOS users.

The mobile app lets users view various parameters contributing to the real-time AQI values in major states and cities of the country. They can even compare the data and understand these values in the time frame of 24 hours, 7 days and a month. The idea is to enable them to become aware of the air quality at various places and minimize exposure to pollution.

With the AQI India app, parents can now plan their outdoor activities and vacations in advance keeping their children’s health at the forefront. Apart from this, it will be highly beneficial to sportspersons and athletes, as also the elderly and those suffering from various health conditions including respiratory issues.

Air pollution is one of the most alarming issues that we have been fighting against for almost a decade now. We have come down to a state where we are pushing ourselves into a disease-prone environment and our future generations into a bumbling mess with unimaginable consequences. AQI India already has over 300 outdoor pollution monitors installed in various locations in the country. The gathered information can be streamed live on the website www.aqi.in and on AQI India’s mobile app.

Best Anti-pollution masks in India

Here is the list of best anti-pollution masks to keep yourself safe from polluted air around. If you were looking for the best masks for pollution, check this list of best air pollution masks.

Prana Air Launches Junior Anti-Pollution Mask exclusively for children

Prana Air Junior Mask is a first of its kind anti-pollution mask for children. The company’s constant endeavour is to provide effective, creative and innovative ways to curb health issues related to air pollution. The Junior Mask is one of the innovative products by Prana Air that purifies the air before children breathe in and also provides a respite against airborne diseases. The 2-way motor helps purify the air faster which ensures that the children do not inhale toxic elements from the air and easily releases the buildup of CO2 exhaled. Hence, the N-95 pollution mask provides fresh, breathable air to the kids.

Vogmask Masks N99

Vogmask Masks N99 also has an N99 filter layer, carbon filter and exhales valve. It can filter 99% of airborne particles over 0.3 microns of size. It also comes in different designs and 1 or 2 valves options. Depending on your usage, choose the model Take care of size while buying it.


CRUSADERS also offers different mask options starting at Rs. 599. But the cheaper one is a disposable mask. So, I recommend the washable model priced at Rs. 1250. This N99 mask comes with 4 layers of carbon filter and.5 replacement filters. It offers good protection from air pollution. It also has a valve design.

Repeller N99

Repeller N99 comes with an N99 carbon filter rated to filter PM 2.5 particles. It has adjustable straps and is washable It offers full protection from Pollution by covering your nose. If you use it for 12 hours a day, it will last for around 2 months.

Honeywell PM 2.5 Anti Pollution Face Mask

Honeywell also offers PM2.5 anti-pollution masks. The cheaper one is for basic protection and it costs just Rs. 350. There are several models depending on the design and vale option. All these masks block PM 2.5 dust, haze, bacteria, influenza viruses, filtration rate up to 95 percent.

PM2.5 Pocket Monitor

Carry Prana Air PM2.5 Pocket Monitor before stepping out of your house in order to know the quality of the air you’re breathing. The pocket-sized air monitoring device is handy and easy to carry around. It helps you understand the level of Particulate Matter 2.5 of your location. Works as both – real-time indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring sensor; the LCD display shows you PM reading indicating if the air is safe or not.

Laser Egg 2+

The Laser Egg 2+ is a smart air quality monitor that helps you track smog and harmful chemicals in one go. Powered by top-notch sensors and Kaiterra’s innovative cloud-based calibration, the Laser Egg 2+ provides accurate readings of PM2.5, VOCs, AQIs, temperature, and humidity in real-time. You can pair it with the Kaiterra app so that you can monitor your air from anywhere and receive alerts when the air exceeds the level you set. The Laser Egg2+ also works with other home appliances via Apple HomeKit and IFTTT, so that you can set up your ecosystem that runs on auto-pilot mode for a protected home.

Laser Egg

Smart Air Filters is a clean-tech startup that promotes affordable air purifiers and DIY kits. The company also sells a reasonably priced air quality monitor on its website, the Laser Egg. It instantly measures the air quality in the immediate surroundings, and can show you the PM2.5 concentration, AQI (US EPA and Chinese standards), and particulate count. It has an eight hour battery life. You can buy the Laser Egg on the Smart Air website, for Rs. 9,995.


Unlike the Laser Egg, Wynd not only monitors the air around you but can also purify it, removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution in the process. And oh, did we mention it’s portable? It weighs less than a pound, can fit in standard cupholders, and the company claims it can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second. You can check its data measurements on an app, or rely on the tracker light’s colour to tell air quality. It costs $199 ( roughly Rs. 13,000).

Luminous Vivace PM 2.5 Poratble Air Quality Monitor/Detector

It is an elegant Air Health Monitor with intuitive LED indicators. The Colored LED Strip gives an easy idea of the air health w.r.t PM2.5 present around. The PM2.5 Detector has a numerical display of air quality in mass-density (μg/m3) with color indicatorwhich related the level of mass-density. The sensor inside the PM2.5 detects by optical method. This sensor uses LED (light-emitting diode) as light-emitting device and PD (photodiode) as light-receiving device. The LED inside the sensor emits light to the air in a detect area. The PD inside the sensor detects scattering light which correlated to the actual floating particles in the air. A Microcomputer (MCU) inside the sensor analyzes the wave profile from PD by optimistic algorithm, then output a converted mass-density (μg/m3) through I2C interface. The data from I2C is processed by MCU inside the product then output for displays and indicator.