Agrahyah Launches Audio-on Demand Platform in Vernacular Languages


Agrahyah Technologies announces the launch of, an audio on demand platform with 100% professionally generated content in Indian vernacular languages. With aawaz, people can listen to podcasts, chat shows, interviews and also read articles and features. Unlike UGC driven platforms and app, where there can be questionable material such as adult or polarizing content, aawaz is completely living room friendly, suitable for all ages. The entire content is brand safe and has no profanity, no partisan and no political bias. is built with cutting edge technology stack and hosted on Cloud for a faster and seamless streaming experience for end user. will also have ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial capabilities) based capabilities to recommend and personalize content based on user’s preferences. With or the app, people can listen to over 150 hours of audio content which is scripted, recorded, and presented as podcasts and shows. Aawaz also packs in over one thousand text articles. Both audio and text content are spread across multiple genres including entertainment, lifestyle, health, wellbeing, fiction, literature, devotional, comedy and humor, celebrities, career, relationships, and more.

Agrahyah Technologies, was founded with the vision to make technology useful for all, and we do it by creating content ground up that is culturally and contextually relevant to the market we operate in. While Voice is gaining wide spread acceptance, India’s on-demand audio or podcast as an industry is very nascent but promising. aims to be an early mover and learn and grow with a new generation of audience who are increasingly consuming passive content such as podcast while performing another task like driving or cooking.

Although negligible in comparison to US, where podcasting was a $314 million industry in 2017, or China, where the market size is an estimated $7.3 billion as of 2018, Podcasting in India is gaining steady popularity and looks promising. While select segments, like the ‘Mann ki Baat’ podcast by Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi and access to international podcasts due to iPhone’s pre-installed podcast apps, add to the growth of podcasting in India.

However, the fact that most content, both digital and voice, remains largely skewed to English, is a major factor contributing to the unpopularity of podcasts. English today dominates 51% content on the web worldwide, followed by Russian at a distant second at 7% while Hindi stands at a negligible 0.5%. For a country that has over 400 million Hindi speaking audiences, that’s an abysmally low quantum of content, let alone other 21 official languages of India. Products built by Agrahyah are in aimed to cement the gap.