Apple iPhone 6 Review


By Jayanta Ghosh

Bigger and Better

Every year we expect something special and big from iPhone. And this year also as was expected, Apple’s newest flagship iPhone comes out  better than its predecessors in nearly every conceivable way. These large-screen phones have proved so popular that Apple is now forced to get with the times, stretching the iPhone beyond its original 4-inch diagonal frame.

iPhone 6 is a massive departure from traditional iPhone design , it’s without a doubt the most drastic change to date by Apple. Apple finally bowed to pressure to provide users with the option of using a bigger display, as well as the usual improvements in performance, camera quality, and new additions such as NFC. And though the iPhone 6’s dimensions are quite different from the 5S, the aesthetics are distinctively Apple. The buttons are—for the most part—in the same places they used to be, and even the layout of the front face of the phone is virtually identical to the iPhone 5S. Even the fingerprint scanner returns to Apple’s latest flagship. This iPhone is slightly thinner than before, but it feels much thinner; part of that’s the increased screen size, and partly it’s the curved design. Glass from the front folds ever so slightly around the edges, and the sharp industrial hard edges of the iPhone 5 and 5S are completely gone.

Apple now has two larger iPhones: one big, the other even bigger. The iPhone 6 sports a 4.7-inch screen, while the iPhone 6 Plus goes full “phablet” with a 5.5-inch display. The new iPhone feels good to hold, beautifully solid, the metal back and glass front are smoothed and comfortable. iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch IPS display looks excellent: vivid, rich, and bigger than before. . The display’s 1,344×750-pixel resolution is higher than the iPhone 5/5C/5S’ 1,136×640, but it has the same 326ppi pixel density. The new A8 processor on the iPhone 6 isn’t quite the quantum leap the A7 was. It’s a 64-bit dual-core processor just like the A7, but Apple claims a 25 percent boost in speed and a 50 percent graphics boost over last year’s iPhone 5S.   And another big improvement in iPhone 6 is iOS 8, though  the aesthetics are the same, the control scheme is virtually identical, and the App Store is the same that you’re used to. Apple wants its users to be able to upgrade to the latest platform without getting lost. With the latest version of iOS 8, Apple has continued to sand down the rougher edges of last year’s iOS 7, while offering users options such as NFC, mobile payments, and better customization. All credit goes to Apple for reinventing the mobile app and creating a developer program that facilitates the creation of all this wonderful software. Though on paper it seems like it might have the exact same 8 megapixel sensor as what you’d find in the 5s, it’s quite a bit better in practice. Additionally, the camera is more capable when it comes to video. Though the iPhone 5S already saw the addition of slow-motion video with the update to iOS 8, the iPhone 6 can also shoot time-lapse video, as well as 1080p HD content at 60 frames per second. Shots are acceptable even in low light, as Apple’s noise reduction algorithm does a fine job of keeping noise low while retaining most detail.

Price: 53500

Good display and large screen
Smooth Performance
Improved camera


  • Storage
  • Specs:
  • 4.70-inch
  • Apple A8
  • 8-megapixel & 1.2-megapixel
  • 750×1334 pixels
  • RAM 1GB
  • iOS 8.0
  • 16GB
  • 1810mAh