Bengal Mobile Fraternity Does Humanitarian Service to Victims of Fani in Odisha


Bengal Mobile Fraternity has set an example by serving the victims of cyclone Fani in Odisha. We all know that last week cyclone Fani had wreaked havoc in the coastal districts of Odisha and in some other states.

The Bengal Mobile Fraternity team from Kolkata rushed to Odisha with three truckloads of rice, dal, milk powder, candle, torch lights, bread, biscuits, nutrients, sanitary napkins, package water and other vital utilities. They worked more than 48 hours in bad climate at 45 Deg Celsius to serve 10000 families in the interior villages of Puri, who are all victims of Fani.

Saurav Bhattacharya (from AIMDA—All India Mobile Distributors Association), Vinay Dixit (from Kolkata Mobile Retailers Welfare Association) and seven others were part of the team which visited Odisha to deliver the aid to the Fani victims.