Bizarre G2T Electric Scarf, a Gadget to Keep Your Neck Warm or Cool


Moai has created what it believes is the world’s most advanced ‘electric scarf’ that can heat up or cool down your neck almost instantly.  The gadget was showcased at Computex Taiwan 2016. This cooling and heating 2-in-1 smart device for neck will be available in India soon.

Temperature-controlled wearables have become a big trend over the past year.


This ‘electric scarf’ device G2T scarf comes with a ‘cold’ setting to help cool you down in hotter climates. The device runs on an external battery pack that provides 10 hours of charge and fits into your pocket. According to the manufacturer, a human has a lot of nerve senses in the neck and focusing warmth on the neck helps moderate the temperature of the entire body.

In its next variant the brand is looking to incorporate Bluetooth capability so that you can control it using an app and it may also have a massage option to help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

G2T is comfortable and easy to use, all you have to do is first put the cloth cover according to your preference then plug the USB cable in the port and connect the power bank. After connecting the power bank and switching it on, put on the cooling or heating mode and run it for 5-10 min and its ready for your use, put it on around your neck and you can increase the heating and cooling temperature according to your need.

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