Boult Audio Launches Tru5ive Wireless Earbuds


Boult Audio has introduced their new and improved offering ‘Tru5ive in the truly wireless in ear category, priced at Rs.3000 excluding taxes. The Tru5ive is designed for the active, stylish music lover. These in-ear earphones provide a wide range of options. Combining Boult Audio’s premium and comfort design, the Tru5ive comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 with dual mode compatibility, which automatically pairs the earbuds as soon as they are removed from the case.

This is truly a first for the Indian audio industry. The tru5ive comes with the state of the art Airoha AB1526P chipset that gives up to 20 meters of connectivity. The earphones come with changeable ear loops of different colors that are applicable in all areas of life, whether it’s in office or at the gym. You can rock these bad boys in style.

The charging and storage case comes with a chargeable battery of 650mAh that easily charges the ear phones 3-4 times over. With their micro woofer driver construction and high sensitivity Mic, the Tru5ive earpods achieve incredible sound resolution. If you’re a gym freak and also enjoy swimming, these earphones come with IPX7 waterproof certification so that you’ll have nothing to worry about. The newest addition in the TWS category in Boult Audio’s catalog will blow you away.