COMIO is all set to launch their first set of handsets in India


What excites you to join the Chinese ODM Topwise?

Topwise Communication is all set to enter the Indian handset market with the launch of its COMIO handset brand. Founded in June 2005, TopWise Communication is one of the biggest ODMs in China, and is among top three printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers in the country. The ODM used to make products for many Indian handset makers, including leading brand Micromax.

According to a sources the company is eying the mid-range handset market, and is all set to launch its first product range of about 2-3 handsets around August, which will be around 6-12k price bracket.

Topwise Communication have recently appointed Sanjay Kalirona as CEO and director for the Indian market. Sanjay Kalirona who previously served Intex Technologies Akai’s mobile phone and Zen Mobile.

We recently caught up with Mr. Sanjay to know more about his vision for Comio and its roadmap for India.

What will be the road map for brand Comio in India’s mobile handset market? If you can mention some strong points of Comio?

COMIO is a smartphone subsidiary of Topwise Communications and was launched in China in the year 2015. The company has already started their operations in India from May 2017 and is ready to launch their first set of handsets in August 2017. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and will cater to the highest growing group (mid-level segment) priced from $100-$200.

‘’COMIO”stands for “.COM’’ from the internet and ‘’I’’ & ‘’O’’ stands for I and You which means connecting people digitally. We are known to create remarkable hardware & software and are ready to do the same for our Indian consumers / target audience.

Strong points:

  • Holds 7 years of experience in supplying smartphones to Indian market
  • 10 years of experience in mobile handset manufacturing which include R&D, Design, Software Development, Manufacturing and Branding/Salesmiddletext

Do you feel that India’s local brands are now getting exhausted and unable to stay competitive? 

India being the second largest market for smartphones, Indian mobile phone makers’ has been adversely impacted due to the rapidly increasing market share of Chinese players and fierce competition. The increasing strength of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in smartphone market is reflected in the 3.4 times growth in market share to 51% in Q1CY17.

The recent success of Chinese players can be attributed to their better technological capabilities leading to superior product offerings. Furthermore, large investments by Chinese players towards brand building and manufacturing facilities in India depict their long term strategic intent.

As you have a very strong hold on the distribution network, what will be your strategy for Comio?

Our channel strategy will be a vital part of our growth plans. With a strong network of partners our focus is in reaching the consumers across the country. We plan to have 15,000+ retail partners and 400+ distributors in our initial phase. We will also be running a program of Distributors meet & training, that will perfects them in learning about the science that goes behind creating these products. Providing experience with the expertise of in-shop demonstrators, detailing the product specifications are all a part of selling products and via these partners, at COMIO we will make sure that we give them special schemes to motivate and sustain their performance.

In next one year where you want to place Comio in this competitive segment?

Our aim is to position COMIO as a strong emerging brand in the smartphone segment. We are primarily going to focus in general trade/offline market and aim to gain consumers’ trust and belief. COMIO will be highly focused at ensuring that its consumers get the best products and are supported by its elaborate, well equipped and efficient team of service personnel.