Currently in India, we are creating a presence in the charging, smart home, and audio markets: Mr. Gopal Raghunathan J, Senior Sales Manager India and Sub Continent , Anker


Anker Innovations is a US based multinational consumer electronics brand that is the brainchild of former Google employees. It was founded in 2011 in California and has a strong presence across countries like Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China and more. The company is an expert on charging technologies and an innovator of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes across countries. Anker believes in providing people with everything that is needed in order to be mobile. Where being mobile, truly means being mobile, with nothing holding one back.

Anker Innovations is an umbrella brand that houses Anker, Eufy, Zolo, among others. Anker is a global leader in charging technology and is America’s leading charging brand, Eufy specialises in creating connected devices and applications for smart household solutions, and Zolo reinvents traditional audio devices with AI embedded products that are made to facilitate smart homes.

While Anker Innovations’ products are already available for purchase on Amazon, they just officially launch the brand into the Indian market. Until now, Anker has successfully been the market leaders in their categories in the US, Middle East, and China and we soon hope to provide the same level of products to Indians as well.

In an interaction with Mobility India Mr. Gopal Raghunathan J, Senior Sales Manager India and Sub Continent of Anker talked about India plans and brand strategy.

Tell us few key points about brand Anker

  • Anker Innovations was previously called Anker Technology
  • It was started in 2011 in California by Steven Yang, a former Google employee.
  • Anker Innovations is an umbrella brand that encompasses Anker (charging solutions), Eufy (smart home applications), SoundCore (audio devices; previously Zolo), Nebula (portable projectors), and Roav (smart car solutions).
  • Anker is a leader in charging technology in the US, the Middle East, and European markets.

Why is India a key market for Anker?
India has the second largest population in the world and is still a growing economy. With an increasing demand for mobile phones, particularly smartphones, there is a direct increase in the need for good quality mobile accessories. The availability of high speed internet, along with a boom in the usage of IoT devices and smart home products also makes this the best time for Anker Innovations to launch in India. An added factor is that despite not having an official presence here, we already have loyal users who source their Anker products from abroad or buy them on Amazon. Therefore, consolidating our presence in India seems like the next logical step.

Accessories market in India is very crowded and competitive, how will Anker make its footprint?

We have found that a lot of people are willing to pay a little extra for quality and durability in terms of electronics. Since we fall under the mid-level price range for high quality products, we are sure to create a niche in the market by bridging the gap between quality and affordability.

Key product highlights of Anker

  • There are 3 exclusive technologies created by Anker for their charging devices-

1. Power IQ- Identifies the device to deliver the fastest possible charge
2. MultiProtect- 11 Point suite of advanced safety and protection systems
3. VoltageBoost- Compensates for cable resistance by smoothing voltage output

  • Most of our products come with an 18-month warranty
  • Certain products also come with Qualcomm QC 3.0. And our upcoming products will also focus on Power Delivery (PD) Technology.

Tell us about latest development and tie up with Nintendo

  • Anker Innovations is looking at offline modes of retail now as opposed to the earlier online-only strategy. We are also expanding into new markets in Pakistan and so on.
  • About the Nintendo tie-up, we have created two USB-C battery packs specifically created for the Nintendo Switch. These power banks have been designed to provide a fast charging solution for the Switch, allowing players to charge their devices within three hours, even while they use the console. Anker PowerCore 21000 PD can extend the device’s battery life by 15 extra hours or five 100% chargers while Anker PowerCore 13400 PD, known for being the “smallest Power Delivery power bank”, provides players with 9 extra hours of gameplay or three 100% chargers.

Elaborate about your entire portfolio that you are planning to launch in India

Currently in India, we are creating a presence in the charging, smart home, and audio markets through Anker, Eufy, and SoundCore respectively. While these brands are available for purchase on Amazon and other online and offline stores in the country, the launch in July will act as a consolidation of our presence in India. Roav, the smart car solution is expected to launch later this year and Nebula, our portable entertainment, will be launched after that.

We hope to create a market in India like we have been able to in the other countries where our products are available. We aim to be able to cater to all aspects of our users’ daily routine and allow them to be truly mobile.