Customer Delight Program to retain and increase the acquisition


The retail format has changed over the years and people are now moving from Organize multi brand store, large format stores and malls to the digital platform. Take a look back at the past 2-3 years and you will see how the e-commerce industry has proliferated. An increasing number of Indians are ready to shed off the importance given to touch-and-feel and are ready to buy a product at the comfort of their couch.

The benefits from digital formats don’t merely stop at discounts and home delivery. It has now enabled users from the small towns to access same products you will find in metros and has expanded the horizon for businesses.

“Despite the rise of e-commerce, the physical stores still draw a significant shopping crowd. In fact, 91 per cent of all retail sales are still being generated in brick-and-mortar stores,”

According to Mr. Manoj Seal(Director- Sales & Strategic Alliances) , “Any business selling at below cost is unsustainable and the offline/online retailers will quickly realize this – and stop the practice of selling products at predatory prices. Apart from building unsustainable business models, most of the retailers sell brands. One has to be conscious of respecting and brand and protecting the integrity of the brand.”

Different channel businesses have different types of customers to whom they cater to. Also, how successful the partner is depends on their skills and competencies in the ecosystem in which they operate. Many a times both, the channel managers and organizations fail to cater to the specific needs of each channel partner which is why many of the initiatives that are rolled out in the channel don’t really have the desired business impact.

In today’s VUCA environment one of the major challenges in channel management is developing accurate forecasts & Deliver same. For businesses which are non-seasonal or typically retail, it’s relatively easy to predict within a few percentage points what the demand is going to be. However if a company or a product is in the growth phase in it’s life cycle or if the overall economy is in distress coming up with a forecasting model becomes a big challenge. This is where understanding goes with GOA ( Gifts on Air) with various types of assured gift vouchers for channel partners, to increase sales velocity.

Gifts on Air provide a special Delight program to retain your customer and increase the customer acquisition. Mr. Manoj Seal (Director- Sales & Strategic Alliances) stated that we become bridge between offline & Online sales. It’s an innovative way of customer offering even up to 100% cash back in form of assured gift vouchers.

While there are other types of discounting that may be very specific to a market segment or the above are some common discounting pertaining to channel management. To ensure consistent channel productivity to it’s fullest potential and create a tangible business impact it is imperious for the organisation and the channel to overcome through GOA (Gifts on Air) support.

In India- retailers are looking to create a seamless shopper experience with respondents reporting that it is important or business-critical to integrate e-commerce and in-store experiences.

“By 2021, nearly 75 per cent of retailers will be able to customize the store visit for customers as a majority of them will know when a specific customer is in the store. This will be enabled through technology, allowing retailers to capture more data, accuracy and customer insights,” the study said.

It said that innovative offers/working is gaining foothold in the retail space as such platforms help retailers gain insights into shoppers’ behaviors and paths in a given store, allowing them to make smarter merchandising and marketing decisions.

We have analyzed such channel sales challenge through detailed understanding and implementing some of the best innovative assured gift solutions effective in modern times. In our subsequent articles, we shall discuss on resolving these challenges and how you can effortlessly gain business impact through GOA (Gifts On Air)

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