Digitek Launches Bluetooth Stereo Earphones for Music During Workouts


Digitek announced the launch of two models i.e. DBE-001 and DBE-002 of Bluetooth Stereo Earphones. The ergonomically devised earphones are specially meant for a secure and comfortable fit while engaging in physical exercises. The high quality stereo earphones offer excellent performance with stable connection and clear sound. The custom made earphones for smart phone are built using technology with A2DP/AVRCR high quality stereo music, sound frequency transmission and long-distance control protocol to deliver the finest of service.

The stereo earphones use noise canceling technology to ensure that the user enjoys outstanding stereo sound when listening to music and when talking. The magnetic absorption feature of the earphones ensuresthat they securely lock around the user’s neck. The lightweight earphones have a comfortable cord length of 80cm. Some noteworthy features of the stereo earphones that make for a convenient use are Micro-USB charging, comfort seal tips and independent audio controls.

The wire control with inbuilt mic, music track selection, play and pause functions, call receiving controller enhance the usability of the earphones. The earphones require a maximum of an hour to be completely charged. After which they can provide 5 hours of talking time or 4 hours of music entertainment and an impressive 180 hours of standby time. Other attributes of the flexible earphones include signal coverage within a walking distance of 15m of barrier free space, 18mw of output power, speaker size of 10 mm and a charging voltage of DC 5V 300mA. There is a slight difference in the earphones look and feel of the two models DBE-001 and DBE-002. The DBE-002 earphones are designed for a firmer fit.

Mr. AmitSaraf, Managing Director, IMS MercantilesPvt Ltd, the parent company of Digitek said, “Keeping in mind the customer’s convenience, weat Digitekconstantly innovating in our product categories. Workouts become more enjoyable with music and one doesn’t need to worry about carrying the phone. With the Bluetooth stereo earphones one stays connected with others and is accessible through calls. The stereo effect that the earphones lend to the music ensures an enjoyable experience.”

The models DBE-001 and DBE-002 are affordably priced at an MRP of INR 895.00 and 995.00 respectively. They are available at most of the web stores such as flipkart, Amazon etc.