eGifts4all- A creative added value to delight customers


Mr Manoj Seal – Director Strategic Alliances

The heart of brand loyalty is always value. Value is not about giving away free things or being the cheapest product. Instead, it is about giving customers what they want. Consumers are always willing to take product of their choice because of the added value they get in return.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Only 58 percent of companies have a formal engagement program. They must adopt a customer engagement strategy or get left behind.

According to Mr. Manoj Seal (Head Strategic Alliance) eGifts4all provide innovative ways for business leaders to excite their customers in the ultra-connected digital age. However, excited and engaged customers tend to bring in 23 percent more profits. With advancing technology and increasing face-to-face encounters, companies must find new ways to get customers excited. Excitement is an emotion that fosters engagement. Positive experiences lead to increasing connections.

eGifts4all understands the value of bringing users together. We provide big platform, offer a place for customers to meet and create memorable experiences that build loyalty. These experiences generate emotional connections with the brand which leads to better brand attitudes. Our platform been shown to increase sales by 20 percent and more. This disruptive change means that excitement and engagement will matter even more in the future.

For example, a company has a customized offering to create an emotional experience when customers receive the offer. The experience feels so valuable that many of us talk about the same. Marketers must understand customers in order to excite them.

As per two young mastermind Amaan and Tahir (Founder & Co-founder) – eGifts4all gives variety of ways for business leaders to develop excitement and engagement in consumers. However, the common component in all is putting the customer first. Once the customer is the primary focus for you, it will be considerably easier to develop innovative approaches to creating customer excitement.

Eighty percent of people say that brands are not tailored to their needs. In a world where some brands are doubling down on personalization, smaller brands must also commit to this growing consumer trend.

Surveys can be useful if companies use proper analytics to interpret data and implement necessary changes. Get creative with surveys. Many customers will shy away from filling out a lengthy survey, but will be happy to answer a single question.

Put a quick poll on social media or after an order, ask a couple of questions when following up with customers, or casually poll customers during checkout at a retail location. Use this data to make better decisions and help employees to better understand the target audience.

Business leaders interested in creating a remarkable unboxing experience can use specialty services to create beautifully printed packaging.

One study found that while 73 percent of customers want to support companies for doing something meaningful, only 5 percent think that companies actually do so.

Social media increase online audiences by as much as 34 percent and boost email sign-ups by a similar amount, according to data. While such delight program does necessarily build brand loyalty in the long term, they can be an exciting way to start a relationship.

Not only are items shipped to their home faster, but they receive product of their choice.
In some instances, it is a meaningful component of well-timed initiatives, but so is a willingness to try new things. Take a calculated risk in introducing the new concept, and it paid off spectacularly. Similarly, business leaders must ensure that their organizations are daring enough to try new things.