Emoi Smart Touch Lamp Bluetooth Speakers, launched in India


Yerha.com, an e-commerce platform for technology products, today announced the launch of multi functional Emoi, a smart touch Lamp with Bluetooth speaker. Shaped like a mushroom and a globe, Emoi Lamp has 4.0 Bluetooth enabled speakers that deliver brilliant audio quality and bring a warm glow to any space. Users can play their favourite music, change colours and brightness with a single tap and can even capture the colour of their room with their smart phone. These features make Emoi absolutely unique for one’s home and office.

The simple and lasting design of the round shaped smart lamp and speaker exudes a divine charm and complements your mood with changing colours. Styled to accompany you with all your day-to-day activities, the design of the mushroom shaped speaker is close to nature thus creating a calm ambience.  Both the speakers harmoniously combine the functions of a speaker, lamp, phone and alarm through a single app called Emoi. Users can pair their smart phones (iOS and Android) and tablets to control the functions of the device from their palm; from changing colours and music tracks, switching the light on and off to setting brightness and alarm.

Emoi’s professional surround sound effect is created by a unique bottom sound production mechanism and two speakers design. Users get to experience 360 degrees sound projection with great highs, deep bass with a sound clarity of up to 60DB coming from a compact body. The only difference between the two speakers is the power bank and AUX port, which is exclusive to the round shaped speaker. Users can not just sync music from their smart phones and tablets but also insert a USB flash stick or a micro SD card into the allocated port.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mani Kant Jain, CEO of Yerha.com said: “Music is food to soul. It transports you to places, lifts up your mood, peps up any party and creates a divine aura. Every music enthusiast seeks for a personal experience in a gadget that not only complements their taste but also their lifestyle. These speakers take craftsmanship and technology to the next level, offering a product that is beautifully designed with powerful crisp, surround sound. What makes this gadget stand out is the smart technology that packs a speaker and a lamp in a single compact body with a robust feature set. You’ll definitely fall in love with them.”

Built of Silica-ABS material, the speakers measure 85mm (base diameter) x 27mm (base height) x 121mm (overall diameter) and weighs just 390g, which makes them super light and portable. A gentle tap on the silicone surface creates a vibration that triggers the sensor of the lamp so as to turn on or off the light. Perfect for the bedside table, you can personalise the alarm to wakes you up in the morning with your favourite music. Packed with a 1750mAH battery with charging time of 2.5-4 hours, this smart device will never die on you that easy nor will the music.

Available exclusively on Yerha.com, the speakers are affordably priced at MRP of Rs. 4,700 (Globe) and Rs. 4,500 (Mushroom) and during this festive season, it is available at a special price of Rs. 2990 (from October 5 to 15). Orders once placed can be tracked within 48hrs with a guaranteed refund option during the same period. The company is registered with consumer forum for better customer payment security.