For us, the Journey of decade is a new beginning:


A total of more than 50 million products sold in India by iBall.

Mobility in conversation with Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria Director and CEO of iBall.Sandeep_31-1-17

To start with, could you tell us about  iBalls journey so far?

Back in 2001, we had made humble beginnings with a single product, the ‘Mouse’. It was only the single-minded focus that we collectively displayed which led us, to landmarks and achievements in the coming years. Today, with an enviable range of products – technology accessories, mobile phones, networking products, security solutions, tablets and newly launched laptops, iBall stands strong with 350 products across 27 categories in less than 15 years.

With commitment to quality and value-for-money proposition at our backbone, iBall has actually challenged the status quo of the Industry that Innovation comes with a price.The brand in the last a decade has also become synonym to ‘Innovation’ with the several first timers to several of our product range including the launch of over 75 products and technologies for the first time in India exclusively by iBall.

Some of the key milestones for the brand underlines, ranking amongst the top 3 brands in most of the product categories. In the recent report by IDC, it confirmed iBall’s market leadership being No. 1 brand in Tablet PCs in India. Additionally, the brand holds a strong foothold in most of the product categories in India.

Since its inception, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds, with strong distribution across India, leveraging the endorsement by Brand Ambassador, Kareena Kapoor. It has entered the minds and hearts of the consumers. For us, the Journey of decade is a new beginning!

What are the innovations and differentiators of iBall?Iball_4

iBall is considered as one of the most innovative and fastest growing brands in majority of its product categories. With the constant endeavor to build products, understanding the needs of the Indian Consumers, iBall has built a robust portfolio of products with the latest affordable technology. We believe in the philosophy of premium quality with affordable prices to meet the growing demands of the consumers.

Next is the key to innovation. We build state-of-the-art products never seen in India. We have introduced 75 products for the first time in India and also 3 products for first time in the world, which makes the brand offerings exclusive to the Industry.Master_31-1-17 For instance, the First Senior Citizen Phone – Aasaan, First Women Safety Phone Udaan and now iBall CompBook India’s first laptop at the best budgeted prices,

are some of our offerings which revolutionizes the perspective to the Brand and also the Industry.

Please provide iBall’s revenue uplift portfolioBaton_31-1-17

The areas include finding products that are in line with the existing brand offerings, improving existing successful product offerings and promoting them accordingly, focusing on trending markets.

How much excited are you about Govt’s Make in India initiatives? Will it help iBall in anyway? How will it affect the Indian handset manufacturers?iball_i701

We are very positive about Govt’s Make in India initiative. Manufacturing locally in India has and will enable companies to make significant savings on import duty and logistics costs, which remain considerably high (up to 25-30% of total landed cost). It shall help brands to build cost effective solutions at best affordable prices. There will also be a significant reduction in lead-time for deliveries to the customer, especially in the case of complex engineering or high-tech products. This will allow companies to be far more responsive and flexible to changing customer needs.

Apart from which the initiative shall help the country in numerous ways such as generation of employment, skill enhancement and contribution of economy to the nation. The entire move shall, live to the dream of the nation to make India as one of the largest electronic manufacturing hub.

The latest strategic association with Intel and Microsoft

iBall has always remained at the forefront of technological developments. Our latest products at iBall are focused on innovation with pricing, as we understand the needs of Young India and most of the digital gaps can be bridged if technology is made affordable. Syncing the same thoughts, iBall is privileged to be worldwide partners with Intel and Microsoft, devoted to drive forward the digital revolution in India with World class products and offerings. We are working very closely with the technological partners and have several product offerings in pipeline exclusive to Indian consumers.

Brief us about iBall’s present products and newly planned products in Asian and African markets

Currently, our products are present in Indian market.iBall has launched products under each its brands in India. The products launched thus far span under 26 product categories under 6 broad product lines –  iBall Baton (Networking range of products), iBall Andi (Smart Phones), iBall Cobalt (smart phones),   iBall Slide (Tablet PCs),    iBall Guard (Security products) & iBall CompBook (Laptops). A total of more than 50 million products sold in India.

What are your big plans for 2016? How many products we will see from iBall this year?

We aim to utilize the R&D Division to further strengthen our product portfolio, making it more consumer centric, suited to Indian operating conditions and user preferences. We also are concentrating strongly on Tier 2/3 Cities with the newest product offerings in focus.

Lastly, developing the products in the emerging markets with Value for Money product strategies. Like we always say Your Eyeball view. Our Technology new.

What are the current industry trends and how iBall is dealing with these trends?

With technological advancements and introduction of digital revolution in the country, the Indian consumer electronics industry has made rapid strides. Over the last few years, the IT Hardware Industry has witnessed a great level of awareness and knowledge among consumers, and this is greatly influencing the market. Smaller cities are showing great response too. The mature e-commerce market has also fueled the growth of the Industry.

Technological trends are dynamically changing at an unprecedented speed. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of the Industry. Essentially, new products will emerge that will offer the consumer and businesses a solution that will enhance the way they do things daily.