Gifts on Air a helpline for all Brick & Mortar Retail Action


    Today the online population of the country is said to be 350 million, with the vast number of Smartphones in the market, 58% of this population is said to be buying online. By 2020 this population will increase to 700 million and the buyers online – 70%. Understandably, much of this statistic is not completely credible. Since even the one purchase by a consumer shows up as ‘shopping on line’. But the indications are too obvious to be dismissed.

    And we are all aware of the frightening traffic especially at the peak hours that prove a deterrent to the shopping expedition. And the burgeoning car population creates a challenge to parking…

    Everything seeming obstacles to the ‘brick & mortar’ buying & selling. But it cannot be. Nothing can replace the see, feel, bargain and buy experience.

    Most see it as a hopeless end game waiting for the inevitable to happen.

    But where others see doom & gloom. There was a ray of hope for three young entrepreneurs from Jaipur! And so began this innovative ‘start-up’- Gifts on Air.

    It is the first ever bridge between the Offline and Online. Manoj Seal Director Sales & Head Alliances a veteran from the Mobile industry, says-

    “Simply put it rewards every purchase Offline with offerings that must be redeemed Online. Importantly it provides a trail of the Consumer for the Offline merchant to gain an opportunity to set up a one to one interactive relationship. It will definitely put the GoA brand on top!”

    The Marketer has a pre-fixed discount in mind, GoA accesses that, adds to it, sometimes doubles it, to give the consumer a gift coupon to be redeemed online from the GoA website. Products with large tickets on the desirability scale from Fashionwear to Jewelry, to Adventure Activities & more. And in the most wanted brands await the consumer. It’s a value-add no consumer will forget in a rush.

    Gifts on Air has begun operating from three cities and intends rolling out countrywide. The young promoters are gunning for speed…no wonder it’s already adjudged the ‘Best Start-up of the Year’. And this is just the beginning!

    Keep watching this space!

    Gifts On Air is a first of its kind. Bridging the offline, brick & mortar with online redemption for every customer.

    This unique marketing model delivers Customer Acquisition & generates Customer loyalty; with gifts for every purchase.

    Promoted by a young team of doers: the Founder Sarthak Khandelwal, Mr. Shobhit Jhalani : Co-Founder & Tech Head & Apporva Pandey: Co-Founder & Head Of Marketing
    GoA is Jaipur based and ready to storm the country. Already active in 3 major cities with tie-ups in place with Brands, manufacturers, LFRs & retailers, GoA will deliver the gifting experience to you wherever you are…soon.