High quality products, after-sales-service & affordable price are HITECH’s differentiators


HITECH MOBILES is one of the pioneer Indian mobile brands, which is also in the forefront of ‘Make in India’ program with their own manufacturing facilities. Based out of Kolkata, HITECH started their operations providing mobile accessories in 2003 and started providing feature phones in 2008 and later added smartphones. In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Md. Giyazuddin, MD, HITECH Mobiles shares his company’s policy, strategy and future plans.

Mr Giyazuddin shares, “We are an Indian brand with a presence of over a decade in the Indian market. During the last 10 years, we experienced impressive growth and we are confident about our future.  In Eastern India we are No. 1 mobiles brand. We offer high quality products at affordable prices, supported by excellent service. We directly control our service operations by ourselves since today service is a very important factor for any brand to be successful. And we are in the front when comes to providing service.”

HITECH has its state-of-the-art 72,000 sqft mobile factory in Sankrail, Howrah (outskirts of Kolkata), which is a fully integrated greenfield mobile factory. The factory has the capacity to make 2.5 million pieces of mobile handsets, 9 million pieces of mobile batteries, 6 million pieces of mobile chargers per annum. Committed to the economic growth of the nation, the facility has created 100s jobs for the youth and opportunities to its partners.

Regarding their market strategy, Md. Giyazuddin states, “Our main target is B and C class cities with service at the top of our agenda, besides high class quality and affordable price. We closely coordinate with our distributors and other partners to provide the best possible service support. We are growing at 50% growth rate. Before Diwali we are launching several new 4G smartphone models. As an Indian brand, we have  an edge as our handsets cost less compared to MNC brands. There is a price gap of 50% between MNC brands and our brands. So we have higher acceptance in the domestic market.”

Brand ambassadors play an important role in inspiring the customers to buy a particular brand. Good quality and service are indispensable for the success of any brand, but brand ambassadors do play their impacting role in driving a brand further. In this regard, Md. Giyazuddin comments, “We chose Arjun Kapoor as our brand ambassador as a symbol of youthfulness so that he can inspire young people. After we introduced our brand ambassador, there was a significant increase in our sales.”

HITECH through its self-regulatory e-waste policy is committed to the Greener Earth with continuous efforts to recycle electronics goods – Mobile phones and accessories that are no longer useful. ‘HITECH for the greener earth’ program is an initiative towards the efficient management of e-waste and to raise awareness in the society. HITECH collects and recycles mobile & accessories, so that people can live in a better environment.

Consumers can drop their HITECH branded old, non-working mobile phones and accessories at any of the HITECH service centers. All Hitech branded items sold in India, ranging from mobile phones, mobile accessories, mobile battery, charger, audio devices and also other brands of mobile phones, mobile accessories are accepted for recycling. After accepting e-waste, first, HITECH team evaluates the possibility of extracting any useful component for reuse and after completion of this process, the waste is dispose to Govt. of India accredited recycler. This recycling is a non-profit initiative from HITECH’s side, whose sole aim is to create a cleaner, safer and greener environment.

“Our main target is B and C class cities with service at the top of our agenda, besides high class quality and affordable price.”