Hike unveils the “No Formality” campaign this Diwali


Hike Messenger, India’s first homegrown messaging platform, today announced the launch of its new marketing campaign “No Formality”.

According to the Hike Spokesperson, “No Formality is a way of life that emphasises that you should simply be yourself without any formalities or pretence – a way of celebrating traditions without formality.” He further added,“It is about accepting that we all need to treat each other as equals  in a fun and easy manner. And ‘No Formality’ is an expression of that spirit. ‘No Formality’ cuts across culture, language, and geographies and is a reflection of our society. We believe that in today’s day and age, more people need to hear this message because in so many ways it also represents us. With that, we are excited to introduce our brand new ad campaign:  Hike – No Formality”

The ‘No Formality’ campaign kicked off with one film and there will be another 3 films. The campaign will run till December on digital, social and traditional media including TV and Radio. It will be available in five languages – Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil across 16 states.  All the ads will be available on youtube.com/HikeApp after their release.

Happy Diwali, No Formality

In the countdown to Diwali, the campaign highlights scenarios related to the festival. For instance, the Homecoming film is based on the fact that Diwali is usually celebrated with family. All the people who live away from their families try their best to get back home for the festival. It’s the done thing. Even if someone does not want to go back but wants to spend it with his or her friends, tradition demands you have to go back home. The campaign will be amplified across social channels using No Formality.

The homecoming  film shows a young boy travelling back home for Diwali and there is an entire build up of emotion as it shows him on the journey back home. But there is a complete anti-climax when he reaches home: The Home coming.