HONOR India rolls out Magic UI 3.0 upgrade on its Flagship HONOR 20 smartphone


HONOR, the global leading smartphone e-brand is rolling out the latest version of their Magic UI – Magic UI 3.0, on its flagship device HONOR 20. The beta version of new update is being deployed globally including India through a software upgrade. The new Magic UI 3.0 is packed with an array of exciting features, making the experience more seamless, integrated and user friendly. The latest Magic UI 3.0 version will be available for HONOR 20 PRO and HONOR View 20 smartphones as well.

With a simplistic yet exceptional UI design, Magic UI 3.0 is the most revolutionized design that hoists every element of the smartphone, aiming to provide a simple, attractive and engaging interface, resulting in efficient and all-rounder user experience. With the use of latest research findings, Magic UI 3.0 has Dark Mode, ensuring consistent and comfortable readability under both dark and light color schemes. Additionally, it brings the sense-activated animation effects, horizontal level video shooting and the advanced technology – deterministic latency engine for its users to give even more seamless experience than ever.

Top Features of Magic UI 3.0

Brand-new UX design: Simple but Outstanding at First Sight
a.) Magazine Layout for an Enhanced Reading Experience: The new layout follows the four important design principles of Magazine Design: bigger title area, white spacing, grid system, and highlight elements. This curates the content to become more attractive and engaging, and provides a magazine-like reading experience and adds aesthetic delight to daily smartphone usage. The Settings icon has been changed to a larger rounded icon, which looks modern and simple.

b.) Brand New Design for Drop-Down Menu: The Magic UI 3.0 comes with an entirely new drop-down menu that adopts a simple and modern design. Swipe down once and users will get the functions that are primary for everyday use, swipe down twice, the users will be able to have access to all the functions on the menu.

c.) User-Friendly Design: Immersive Display with Large Fonts can deliver a more direct and user-friendly experience, making adjusting camera parameters easier than ever before. When the users drag the slide bar, the changes are displayed in large fonts while other interface elements get hidden, making adjustment and settings more intuitive, focused and clear.

Dark Mode: A new digital landscape for heightened consistency, comfort, and readability
Magic UI 3.0 has made use of the research findings and launches Dark Mode that ensure consistency, comfort, and readability under both dark and light color schemes. To achieve the best-possible contrast between foreground text and the dark background, Huawei’s human-centered design lab has conducted tests on user reading efficiency, and the subjective reading experience under four common daily lighting conditions. This requires a series of intricate, fine-tuned adjustment to the background, text and system icons.

Sense-Activated Animation Effects: Integrating touch, sight, and perception to ensure a smooth and smart user experience.
The animation design of Magic UI 3.0 activates the senses based on the visual angle formula for human eyes: V = 2arctan (s/2D) and a massive amount of experimental data. When users touch the screen or shift the pages, they will receive operation responsiveness immediately through their fingers and soothing visual animations through their eyes which correspond to their psychological expectations. For example, HONOR has applied the elastic spring effect to touch operations resulting in more natural and fluid feedback from the operations when the user touches an icon or button.

Video Shooting Horizontal Level: Making video shooting easier and more professional
Using smartphones to video-shoot the most precious moments of one’s life has become a common practice. To make this experience much easier and more professional, Magic UI 3.0 features a brand-new Horizontal level, which users can use to record videos in a stable, peaceful and comfortable way. Simply go to ‘Setting’, then tap on ‘Video’, and select ‘Setting’ to activate this feature.

Deterministic Latency Engine – Faster speeds and fluid experience
The Deterministic Latency Engine is a new advanced technology featured in Magic UI 3.0. By defining the QoS level and deadline of every system task, the operating system will manage tasks based on the level of QoS priority and deadlines to allocate CPU, GPU, memory, baseband, Wi-Fi, and other resources. This guarantees that high-priority tasks (such as user touches or foreground app operations) will receive the best resource allocation to create a smoother and more stable user experience.

Furthermore, it completely resolves lag issues resulted from unregulated competition for resources among tasks in Android before. This helps to decrease response latency by 25.7% and latency fluctuation by 55.6%, providing consistently fast daily and gaming experience.