How to delight your customers?

70 create WOW factor!!!

In today’s market scenario when someone buys from you, then he/she becomes your customer for the very first time and this is an important moment to grab his/her attention with your exceptional innovative offers. If you hit at first time to delight customers, they will retain; otherwise your competitors will easily snatch them from you.

For a business, no matter how big or small they are, innovative offers play an important part in developing healthy customer relationships, making them happy and retaining them becomes much easier & cheaper.

eGifts4all have some of the best strategies to help you in retaining your existing customers, delighting them and making them loyal towards your brand.

It is very easy to wow a customer if you have some kind of surprise offer for them. People intermingle with people and that’s why consumer engagement with an innovative offer matters a lot. It actually strengthens the relationship between you and your customers.

Our customer care can call customers to ask first about their experience/ the product or service they have bought from you. You need to check whether they are having any issues with it or they are actually satisfied. It has two benefits: – Firstly, you will get instant customer feedback regarding your products or services. Secondly, your customers will understand that you really care for them.

Everyone loves to get more than what he or she anticipated. Some little things beyond the normal that you can offer to customers are very extraordinary. It may come in the form of a special gift offer, exceptional customer service, advantage over others or personal assistance. All these together will create wow moments for them and help you to earn consumer loyalty.

You should always express gratitude towards your customers, as they are the ones who bring profits for you. There are several simple ways to thank them, you just need to think inventively and put some extra efforts to make it happen.

You can think of sending a gift voucher on special occasions like birthday, anniversary. Discount coupon is another good option.

The objective behind all these maneuvers is to delight customers. If they are exultant with you, they will surely return for reprise business and refer your brand to others.

Several companies make offers (with lots of hidden condition applied on it) to customers only to sell their products, but trust me they will never get consumer loyalty. Never make this mistake because customers get exasperated if you cannot keep your actual promise. Remember one thing – by making conditional commitment, you may sell your product only for one time, but you will lose that customer forever. Being embittered once, he or she will never come back to you again & give adverse feedback that may damage your brand image.

As per Mckinsey, 70% of buying experiences has been base on how the customer feels they are treated.

You need to be very spontaneous with your offer while dealing with them. Customers will not wait on your store without being engross with something innovative .They should feel delighted & get involve with the offer else they simply may go to your competitors.

Studies show that, nearly 68% people tend to discuss with their family and friends about their Good or bad experiences with companies. So ensure that you provide good quality product/service with best innovative offers. The unique offer of your customer has a direct impact on your existing and potential consumers.

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