MevoFit Solutions are Fitness Packages, not Just Fitness Devices


With over a decade of experience in fitness app development and driven by passion to stay fit and to promote healthy life among others, Khyati Mahajan launched MevoFit in 2016. Headquartered in the US, MevoFit’s marketing office is based in Gurugram, and is targeting both the American and Indian markets for their fitness solutions.

In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Khyati Mahajan, Founder & CEO, MevoFit, shares, “I have been a fitness follower long before we started our own brand.I was part of mobile apps development business and have worked on various applications and understand the consumers behaviour, their UI and US of the apps and after that I joined my sister company Migital in 2008. Then I thought I should start my own brand. In 2016, we launched MevoFit brand with an aim to include most fitness features into one app which most other providers were not offering. Everyone cannot have the money to purchase the gym equipment or time to go to gym or money to take long-term membership in gyms, so we believe the fitness gadgets are the best to monitor and maintain your health and jumpstart your exercise at an economical price.”

Currently, MevoFit has a wide range of offerings spread over two categories – Power apps and MevoFit gear (which comprises fitness trackers and merchandise). In Power Apps, MevoFit has built over 50 specialized apps to suit different needs of fitness enthusiasts. From weight loss, running, jogging, to healthy recipes, and BMI tracker, the category is dedicated to power apps helping users meet their desired goals. MevoLife app is available for both Android and iOS users.

“Our first fitness band was MevoFit Drive which told about steps, calories burned, the user’s sleeping patterns, etc.  Our third device was MevoFit Bold which includes weather updates besides other factors. In our every next device, we include new experiences. Recently, we launched an innovative, unique, sleek and beautiful fitness band–a niche device–made only for women, which, besides general fitness features, also gives updates on periods, etc which are unique for women. Our devices have the best fitness ecosystem integrated and cover as many health features as possible. Fitness is not just jogging around in the morning, but a lot more. Our software is so advanced that it reminds the wearer when to take water, when to go out and take a walk, calories burnt, etc. Our solutions are fitness packages that allow the users to sync many fragmented data into one device, instead of using several apps,” adds Khyati.

MevoFit multi-sport modes provide workout summary and real-time stats for different activities like running, yoga, basketball and many others. Besides these fitness tracking features, the band also offers smart features like camera control, and can send out anti-lost call, and social media notifications.

Regarding their marketing strategy and future plans, Khyati reveals, “Currently we have 4 devices and we are coming up with another 5 devices, including fitness bands and smart watches, in the next 6 months. We are expecting a big jump in our sales in the next 3 to 6 months. In the coming years, we want to set new benchmarks among fitness brands. We have inbuilt features that helps users to interact with others and discuss. Our social community is very strong and it is growing day-by-day. Our target segment is mid-range, neither too low nor too high. Our devices start at Rs 2300 and go up to Rs 15,000.

We are coming up with new software that acts as an interface between gyms and the users. We have 1 yr warranty and we have 24X7 customer care for our products. Currently we are selling mainly through online channels like Amazon, Flipkart, etc and thru our own website. We are also planning to connect to gyms and hospitals to promote our devices. In future, we may also sell through retail chains too. Presently, we are getting very good response from the market and expect much more in future. In the coming years, we want to be one of the top fitness brands in India.”