MINI PC market is a new trend in IT space


Small form factor PCs are now fast enough and last two, three or even five years for your family or business needs.

Computing power continues to increase every year. While some computers use that power to its fullest, other small computers save space and also power. These small, compact desktop PCs are not as quick as their full-sized brethren, but they make up for that by taking up less space, a trait that’s valuable for those who often move or where space is costly or scarce.

Many compact computers are affordable and can serve as the key machines of a home or SOHO setup or even be conscripted into the role of home theater. There are, however, a few pricier models designed for enthusiasts. They offer performance on par with traditional desktops while remaining slim. Below you’ll find the best compact computers on the market.

ECS Announced Latest Mini PC – LIVA X
liva22-6-15Elitegroup Computer System (ECS introduced the latest mini PC – LIVA X, a fan-less design, zero noise and power saving small-size computer. Adopting Intel Bay-Trail M SOC and 15W ultra-low power design; supports Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Linux, and Ubuntu operating systems. Moreover, it could upgrade to Windows 10 for free, once available. Meanwhile, LIVA X supports USB 3.0 port, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth wireless connection technology, and can upgrade storage capacity via mSATA SSD. Most importantly is the size of LIVA X ringing in at only half a liter! LIVA X Mini PC brings a whole new PC experience to the world. Now as LIVA X is available with sweet spot price as per Indian market expectations.

ecs_sunny-yangSunny Yang, ECS General Manager, “We believe that the concept of mini PC is a fast growing trend within the Indian tech-savvy community. Users who are at home and even at offices are looking for the most convenient way to enjoy video, music, gaming and of course business PC usage. The end users need PCs designed to provide the best possible video and audio, ensure extremely efficient power consumption, offer sufficient cooling, and maintain low noise levels. People want the true entertainment and stylish look in small size without compromising on performance for home and office.

No noise thermal design: The LIVA X features no-noise thermal design, providing a real silent Mini-PC. Enjoy it without any noise. Thanks to Intel new Bay Trail-M SOC 22nm processor. LIVA X features ultra-low power consumption, only 1/10 traditional desktop usage.

LIVA fits everywhere: The power of a 64-bit Dual core 2.25 GHz machine with 4GB DDR3, 64 GB eMMC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and mSATA. And it’s smaller than your mouse! Thanks to the native VESA mount, you can place the LIVA X practically anywhere – behind displays, monitors and TVs. This doesn’t only save space, but it’s also the easiest way to create a ‘cable-free’ environment.

Windows 8.1 inside! With the anticipation and excitement to have Windows-Based Mini PC, LIVA X is proud to bring you the latest Windows 8.1 with BING OS (optional) to ensure you a pleasant user experience.

zotac22-6-15The RI323 offers an introductory path into the RAID architecture with two storage bays, the perfect mini PC for those looking for a storage solution with efficient networking in a compact form factor.
The RI531 series offers an unprecedented 3 storage drives within a small housing, equipped with a 5th gen Intel Broadwell Core i3 CPU to boost performance and efficiency further. With the right set-up, it has the potential to become your own personal cloud storage, NAS and more.
The RI531 series also come with PLUS version, which includes 4GB memory and 64GB mSATA SSD so you have complete freedom with the 2 additional slots for your RAID structure.

zotac_tony-wongTony Wong, CEO, ZOTAC International
“This is certainly a breakthrough for both the mini PC and personal computing, we are adding more functions to elevate the mini PC to a whole new plane while keeping our signature space-saving design and power efficiency. This new addition to the mini PC family will open new doors to even more functionalities.”

CPU: Intel 2961Y processor
Intel HD Graphics
Display Output: HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.2 (2560 x 1600 @60Hz)
Connectivity: Dual gigabit LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Storage: 2 x SATA HDD/SSD bays (RAID 0, 1 ready)
CPU: Intel Core i3-5010U processor
Intel HD Graphics 5500
Display Output: HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.2 (3840 x 2160 @60Hz)
Connectivity: Dual gigabit LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi
Storage: 1 x mSATA slot, 2 x SATA HDD/SSD bays (RAID 0, 1 ready)

nupc22-6-15The NuPC is an energy efficient, fully functional PC that not only fulfills the performance needs of the consumers but also fits into the palm of your hand. The sheer power of Intel NUC combined with Microsoft Windows 8.1 makes it an ideal PC platform for modern day business applications and consumer needs. The device covers the entire gamut of applications. From a home user to discerning enterprise users, the variants of NuPC meet the needs of both. Low power consumption, small space requirement, industry standard components makes it possible to deploy NuPC in any demanding environment.

The NuPC is based on the Intel NUC which is an energy-efficient, fully functioning PC that not only fits your performance needs—it fits in the palm of your hand. The NUC can be used in kiosks or for digital signage displays and other spaces in which a small, well-featured computer is required and it makes a great unit for home and business computing as well. The NuPC takes up roughly 4×4-inch footprint on a desk (117x112mm and 35mm thick), and manages to pack a great configuration, allowing it to be used effectively for everyday office tasks and multimedia.

The launch of the NuPC marks an important milestone in working towards the government’s ‘Make in India’ vision. WPG is working with Intel and Microsoft to drive form factor innovation by catering to consumer needs and enabling an empowered ecosystem of innovative devices which will cater to the growing computing needs of the new and fast developing India.

Rajiv Bhalla – Director, Sales – Intel South Asia, said, “India finds itself at an exciting turn, especially within the broader intel_rajiv-bhallacontext of ‘Digital India’ vision. As the country aligns itself with the government’s technology vision, ‘Make in India’ will play a vital role. We are excited to embark on this journey with WPG along with the support of Microsoft to strengthen our commitment towards empowering India with technology. We will continue to work with local OEMs, ODMs and the ecosystem to bring relevant technology to the market across price points and innovative form factors.”

microsoft_vineet-duraniVineet Durani, Director – Windows Business at Microsoft Corporation India, said, “Companies today are looking at deploying various technology solutions that help them grow in the most efficient and cost-effective way. To meet these requirements, Microsoft is focusing its efforts on providing devices that help business and consumers achieve more as well as add to their productivity quotient at affordable price points, without compromising on quality and style. The launch of the Windows-based NuPC is another step towards a great computing experience for small businesses and consumers in India. We will continue to launch more such devices and drive affordable personal computing.”

wgp_rajeev-bajpaiRajeev Bajpai, President – WPG C&C Computers and Peripherals, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Intel and Microsoft to revolutionize the NUC market. Our NuPC, powered by the Intel Processor Family and Microsoft Windows will help us deliver high quality performance, bolstered by energy efficient computing and ease-of-use. The made in India NuPC, will fulfill the aspirations of Indian customers, who need the best of technology at a reasonable price and we hope to become the first choice when it comes to portable and compact personal computing.”

gigabyte22-6-15The GIGABYTE BRIX, an ultra-compact and versatile DIY PC kit, is now available in India. This unique form factor has managed to set a new standard for desktop PC miniaturization that makes it perfect as a discreet HTPC (Home Theatre PC) or multimedia hub, an ultra-low power PC for the family or even an office PC.
The BRIX is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, but in spite of its small size, it ensures a desirable combination of optimal CPU and GPU performance, peripheral connectivity options, power consumption, and of course, price. The BRIX DIY PC kit comes with a pre-installed Wi-Fi Mini PCIe module, a power adapter and cable which comply with local standards. From there, the user has the liberty to configure his system to his specific needs by selecting his preferred system memory and digital storage option.
Sunil Grewal, Director – Sales and MarCom, GIGABYTE, stated, “At a time when the HTPC concept is gaining popularity in India, the GIGABYTE BRIX comes as an attractive solution especially because it optimizes power consumption, while offering a lot of processing power and connectivity in a form factor that is small enough to be placed anywhere – whether on your desk or even within your home entertainment setup.”

The BRIX models available in India support dual display functionality. While the Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processor based models support dual display through HDMI plus Mini Display Port Outputs, the Intel Celeron processor-based models do so via a VGA and an HDMI port.  This makes it a very effective PC for home and office usage or in any quantum of commercial and industrial multi-display applications. Intel HD Graphics, equipped with the Intel HD 5500 graphics, the Core i3 and i5 versions of the BRIX system promise to deliver up to 20% more pixel-pushing performance than the previous generation. And with support for 4K Ultra HD video playback, this gives the user the power needed to enjoy more responsive videos and games.