OPPO Introduces mini rapid charger, VOOC


OPPO designed and crafted an utterly-unique, rapid-charging technology, which is called “VOOC”. The VOOC mini rapid charger is capable of charging the phone’s battery from zero to 75% in only 30 minutes, which, coupled with useful accessories such as VOOC car charger and VOOC power bank, makes the R5 ready for a wide, wild world. Anytime, anywhere.

Smartphones have seen some amazing improvements in terms of screen resolution and CPUs which have grown from dual-core to quad-core and now, even octa-core. However, there had yet to be any major breakthroughs in smartphone battery technology and short battery life was always a crippling drawback of smartphones.

With no significant breakthrough in battery technology on the horizon, how could OPPO, as the industry challenger, break the limitations on smartphone battery life and bring to customers a wholly new battery experience? More importantly, OPPO try to figure out a new to bring this to consumers in a form that would be both cost-effective and convenient?
To address such a key issue within our industry, OPPO invested heavily in R&D and tried many different approaches to solve this classic problem.

Through all their efforts, they surprise us with the VOOC rapid charging technology. Imagine, while it takes a regular 1A or 1.2A battery charger on average three hours to reach a 3,000mAh full charge even in a best-case scenario, VOOC can and will boost the OPPO device’s battery life to 75% in only 30 minutes.

As VOOC is a thoroughly, independently developed rapid charging technology, OPPO has applied for 16 patents regarding its design and construction. In addition to having increased the charging speed by four times, VOOC also boasts an intelligent five-layer protection system and is arguably the fastest and safest mobile charging technology in the world.