“Our product is totally agnostic and works on any platform, network and devices” Gaurav Mittal Regional Director, South Asia MatchMove


MatchMove Pay is Singapore’s fastest growing technology company, providing innovative enterprise solutions to help businesses increase revenue, user engagement and loyalty through the strategic use of its customisable cloud-based platforms. With India’s population of 1.2 billion and only 250 million bank accounts they are now eying this tremendous opportunity in Indian Market.
Mobility India caught up with Mr. Gaurav Mittal to know more about their services and India Plan.

First what are the key benefit for consumer and businesses to opt for this services?
MatchMove provides innovative, end-to-end enterprise payment solutions to help startups and large enterprises to easily offer their customers a fully branded, secure mobile wallet solution that includes P2P transfer, Remittance, Top Up channels, Virtual and Physical Payment Cards linked to wallet balance, Loyalty Points & Rewards, Promotions & Offers amongst many other features.
Our full-suite of APIs covers a wide range of features that can be easily plugged into the enterprise’s own system or mobile app. Our end-to-end, cloud-based solution does not require any additional hardware set-up, easy to scale with just quick and easy integration.

How are you increasing your reach to facilitate each and every person in India?
We have partnered with a number of enterprises with huge consumer base to reach like Freecharge, Centrum, Zaggle, Crownit, The Mobile Wallet,and many more. We will continue to work with more partners to make mobile wallet and payment services more accessible to as many people in India.

What are the key challenges for you as more and more people are looking for such kind of services in this high time.
MatchMove works with various partners and vendors across Asia, and the challenge in India, Singapore or any other region, is always the same, and that is of finding business associates with the same level of professionalism, responsiveness or attention to detail. Having said that, we must say that MatchMove is privileged to have partnered with those who bring with them the same enthusiasm and passion as ours, with the same objective to provide the best service in our field.

How your product is unique from other similar services?
Our product is totally agnostic and works on any platform, network and device and it’s interoperable and scalable, no additional hardware investment required. One-stop full service solution that is PCI compliance with an extensive list of services.

How are you building consumer trust?
We work closely with our partners to deliver quality product and services to ensure that consumers’ needs are addressed and the user experience is seamless. We are constantly working to offer more innovative and consumer-friendly services to enhance users’ convenience and security.

As more and more banks are coming with UPI technology, will it affect Mobile Wallet services?
UPI technology focuses on movement of funds associated with a bank account whereas mobile wallet encompasses more than fund transfer, it includes loyalty and rewards, promotion and offers and it does not require any one to have a bank account. Mobile wallet delivers and provides more services than UPI technology and both are quite different.