PincoyMobiStor Wallet SSD: ATiny, Revolutionary Storage Device for Smartphone Users

Sharad Srivastava Dstor Technologies

PincoyMobiStorWallet SSD is an external storage drive that comes in three variants. It is primarily focused on mobile phones but can also be used with desktops and laptops. Sharad Srivastava, Director and Founder of Dstor Technologies, shares the uniqueness of the product, their market strategies and the focus and sentiment behind their brand name.

Sharad Srivastava shares, “PincoyMobiStorWallet SSD is an external storage device for mobiles. It is one of the smallest and lightest products and comes in three capacity variants in three different colors:120 GB (Silver), 240 GB (Grey) and 480 GB (Rose Gold). Along with the Wallet SSD, we provide two OTG adapters, and one cable (Type A to Type C ) to enable users to connect the Wallet SSD to their mobiles via micro USB interface OTG Adapter or the type C OTG adapter depending upon their phone type. This product can be easily carried in the wallet. For initial promotion, we are offering a leather wallet free with the product. Besides mobile connectivity, the Wallet SSD can also be connected to other devices like laptops, desktops, smart TV, Camera, Mackbook, iMac etc. This is our first product and we hope to launch more in future.”

Our brand name Pincoy has been adapted from the South American mythological name of Sealion. Pincoy which is known for highest memory retention among stall other animals species. Pincoy is also known for its beauty, strength and mobility, while in the seas and on the land. The PincoyWallet SSD connects to Android mobile phones (OTG-enabled phones) seamlessly under native file system support (no third party app required). Once formatted on Android environment (EX-FAT system), the data copied on this can be shared across all other possible environments (like Windows, iMac, Linux). Since Solid State Drives (SSDs) do not have any moving parts, the Wallet SSD, is more rugged, shockproof (from accidental falls) and is much faster than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and available flash drives / OTG drives,.

Sharad Srivastava shares, “The 120 GB variant is aimed at students and the consumers with low storage requirement; the 240 GB variant targeted at professionals and user at mid-level storage requirement; and the 480 GB variant is for high-end consumers like videographers, etc who need high storage. One can also load executables accounting software like Tally and the related data into Wallet SSD. Also , when consumer stores his/her excess data on cloud, data is not available when the internet connectivity is weak or absent, but the data stored in Wallet SSD is always with them.”

The highly portable Wallet SSD that fits well in the pocket offers the users a large storage space to save, store and carry his pictures, videos, documents, etc. The Wallet SSD is fast enough to play 4K Videos (like movies, serials, etc) on the smartphones, big enough to store up to 120 GB to 480GB of data and is physically small enough to fit in the wallet.

Talking about their market and channel strategies, Sharad Srivastava reveals, “We are giving 3-year warranty on our Wallet SSD. In India, we are offering doorstep collection and delivery service called ’Flying Boat service,’ where once a customer informs us that he/she has a warranty failure with the product, our courier person will go and collect the Wallet SSD from his or her residence or office. We first try to rectify the flaw and if the problem is not rectifiable, we replace the drive with another working one. Currently, our supply network is thru retail chains and the Regional Distributors of mobile accessories and mobile phones. We are getting very good feedback from the market and we are sure that this device will soon be a hit among users and find its place in the market.”

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