Pioneer Introduces Premium Z Series In Car Audio Speakers In India


Pioneer India Electronics, launched two new high performance car audio speakers under the Z series in car entertainment segment. The Z Series speakers are based on the highly advanced technology developed by Pioneer and boast an array of features like high resolution audio, smoother off axial response, low cross over frequency, wider frequency range, wider dynamic range, etc. The new lineup TSZ65CH and TSZ65C is priced at Rs 22,990 and 18, 490 respectively.

Elaborating on the launch of the new models Mr. Minoru Ogawa, MD, Pioneer India said, We are delighted to witness the success of our Z series in car audio systems in India and the new launch is in line with expanding our offerings under the Z series segment.We are hopeful this product will fulfill all expectations enabling us to expand our proflio in India.”

Highlights of Z Series Car Audio Speakers

 High Resolution Audio

Designed to deliver sound that is clearer, sharper and more complex- reproducing that is closer to the original performance.

Smoother Off Axial Response

Pioneer speakers always maintain more open, smooth, expansive, multidimensional sound, without the dramatic dips and inconsistencies that lesser speakers can produce.

Wider Frequency Range

The material and shape of the Z-series tweeter is optimized to reproduce clear high-frequency sound. The shape is designed after in-depth study to obtain stable high frequency characteristics from the selected material.

Wider Dynamic Range

This helps to produce clear sound from a speaker even when the volume is high. The light and rigid material helps produce clear linear bass and sound. The shape helps avoid unecessary vibration of surround sound and produces accurate sound.

Additionally, the models are designed with larger magnets to add power to the device voice coil, an aramid fibre center cap to increase high frequency resolution with clarity and the swivel mechanism helps in easier installation which inreases sound adjustment flexibility. The package also includes various tweeter mounting options.