Powerbanks Solo 5 and Polymos 10 Air Unveiled


Romoss is a China-based global provider of charging solutions like powerbanks, car chargers, adapters, etc for mobile devices. With continuous innovation and adaptation of cutting-edge charging technologies, high-quality and excellent service, Romoss has achieved strong reputation and established a vibrant distribution channel in more than 80 countries across the world.

Romoss always strives to deliver the customers on its commitments of innovative energy-saving technology, world-leading design and high quality user-experience and offers solutions to charge different types of mobile devices and inspire the customers’ life with convenience and enjoyment.

romoss3-5-17With continuous innovation, research and testing, Romoss has developed cutting-edge technologies to make their products user-friendly. Romoss Intelligent Fitcharge provides auto-adaptive intelligent charging system for different brands of smartphones and laptops. Romoss internationally patented eUSB technology offers one-stop solution for charging many and different types of devices. Romoss productline includes:

Powerbanks: Charger Station, Solo Series, Sailing Series, eUSB Series, Polymos Series, Sense Series, Freemos Series, GT Series, ACE Series, Lovely Series, Q Series, Domino Series, UPower Series, USTYLE Series, DP Series, Skinny Series, MT Series, RT Series
Cables: Micro-USB Cable, Lightning Cable, USB-C Cable, 2-in-1 Cable
Adapters: Power Adapter, Car Charger, USB-C Adapter
Accessories: Charging Receiver, iPhone Battery, Jump Starter, Charging Pad

Romoss has recently announced the two new innovative powerbanks:

Solo 5
Capacity: 10000 mAh
Input: DC5V 2.1A
Output1: DC5V 2.1A
Output2. DC5V 1A
Size: ~L138*W62*21.5mm (~L5.43*W2.44*H0.85inches)
Weight: 296g/10.4oz
Color: white
Support: mobile phones, smartphones, MP3, other digital products with DC5V input.

Polymos 10 Air
Capacity: 10000 mAh (Cell: Li-polymer)
Input: DC5V 2.1A
Output1: DC5V 1A
Output2: DC5V 2.1A
Size: L142x W65xH14.8mm(L5.59xW2.56xH0.58inches)
Weight: 235g/8.29oz
Color: white

Support devices: tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, MP4s, other digital products with DC5V input.