Pundi X Demonstrated Blockchain-powered Devices at CES 2019


At Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (CES 2019), Pundi X, a developer of blockchain-powered devices, introduced the XWallet mobile app which serves as a bridge to connect regular digital asset wallets with the Pundi X digital payment ecosystem. Pundi X also showcased a series of their blockchain enabled devices such as XPOS – Point of Sale devices that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions at any physical stores and the XPhone Prototype – a blockchain-based OS and transmission protocol for mobile devices, that allows users to make calls, send messages and transmit data via a fully decentralized blockchain network.

The XWallet app, which was officially launched late last year, after undergoing a period of beta testing is complementary to the XPASS card and/or can be used independently of it— is a critical addition to Pundi X blockchain ecosystem. It gives consumers complete control over the digital assets at their fingertips and allows them to make cardless/cashless digital asset transactions at their favorite retail stores.

Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-founder, Pundi X said, “CES has long been regarded as the platform to showcase cutting edge technologies and innovations from around the world which consumers will use in coming years. At Pundi X, we strive to make blockchain tech accessible to improve people’s everyday lives. CES is the perfect place for us to showcase our blockchain tech via the XPOS, XPASS card, XWallet app, and the XPhone Prototype as examples of how blockchain is already changing the ways in which we transact, share and communicate.”