“Qykly app works seamlessly with SMS inbox and helps to manage all transaction details”


In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mr. Amit Vaish, Founder of AarVee Idealab Technology, the provider of the Qykly app, shares the unique features and uses of the Qykly app.

Please brief us about Qykly app and how it works? How is it going to benefit the users?

  1. AarVee Idealabs has recently unleashed one of their most anticipated Android apps for the Smartphone. Qykly, a smart app, helps the users to read the transactional SMSs and it tracks the bills due date, bank account status, travel bookings, e-commerce purchases & much more with a complete security. ‘Qykly makes your SMS info more easy to use.’ It is the platform that would bring access to all the services users use, be it credit cards, e-commerce, travel, hotel bookings, shopping, banking, bills and more to just one screen for the consumer on the move. It is a Virtual Assistant with interactive interface. Qykly works seamlessly with the SMS inbox to find and store the details of the transactions. This app saves time, money, and all around makes life easier for users.

There are many such apps in the market. In what way your app is different and better than others?

  1. Most of the apps in the market are trying to address the financial SMSs, but Qykly is the exclusive app in the market which auto-tracks and manage all the user’s transactional SMSs. We make user’s SMS inbox useful and actionable. Our Qykly app is the result of our determination to help them to manage their transaction needs more efficiently.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of the information dealt via your app?

Our app is highly secured and we have adhered to the highest security standards, such as 256 BIT Encryption, SSL etc, while designing the app. We continually aim to deliver innovative solutions to the users and this app will enable them to easily manage everything at their fingertips. Qykly strives to provide highest level of privacy & extreme convenience to the end consumers.


What is your revenue model and how you are going to make profit through this app? And who others (partners) too can financially benefit from your app and how?

  1. Right now we have not yet strictly defined our revenue model. We’re excited to roll-out this enhanced mobile tool that provides more assistance and value to our customers. Qykly’s ever evolving technology ties it up with global giants to pull relevant datasets based on the consumer needs, demographics and potential desires.

What challenges are you facing in the app market and how are you meeting these challenges?

 With the rapid increase in the number of smart phones, average mobile data consumption per smart phone in India is expected to increase. Aarvee Idealabs Technology, a self-discovery platform launched Qykly app to bring positive change in the lives of the users. The app plays a crucial role from the moment any transaction is made, simplifying user’s daily tasks, changing outlook towards information.