R G CellularsPlans to Expand Retail Network Pan-India and Enter LED TV Segment


R G CellularsPvt Ltd is a KoIkata-based retailer and distributor (for Kolkata and West Bengal region) for mobile phones and mobile accessories. Ravi Gupta, Director, R G CellularsPvt Ltd shares about market trends, their company’s policy and future plans.

Ravi Gupta comments, “Right now we are a distributor of Realme and OnePlus mobile phones for WB and Eastern region. Realmelooks to be promising brand from us now as it is selling very well.Our retail business is doing very well which will continue to be our main focus. The current market trend is most big brands are opening exclusive stores and malls, and the business of the general retail stores is going to be strongly affected in coming years as the customers will start shifting to the new exclusive outletsamd malls for purchases as they give better customer experience. Another trend is many new brands are appearing in the market with a big fanfare and disappearing after some time;so distributors as well as retailers should be careful while investing and relying too much on the new brands. The days are gone when customers themselves would come searching for the retailer to buy things. Another trend is, selling prices are coming down for most brands and the trend is expected to continue—the features that were available in aRs 50k phone earlier and now available in a Rs 15k phone, though a limited premium segment is still there, and the highest number of phones are selling today in Rs 15-20k bracket. To attract customers, a distributor or retailer has to be proactive, keep his presence up thru social media, events, discount offers and other innovative methods to improve the customer-recall and customer confidence. We are active on all the platforms of promotion and continue to be proactive.”

Today, R G Cellulars is a leading retailer (besides being a distributor for mobile phones and accessories) with nearly 30 retail stores in Kolkata and the surrounding areas. They also have retail stores in Hyderabad and Faridabad.

Expressing his opinion about the opportunities in the market and their future plans, Rajiv Gupta briefs, “Today, mobile phones have become a necessity—no longer a luxury. And, today, most of the electronics space is occupied with products and accessories related in one way or the other to telecom segment. So there are many opportunitiesfor those who do business smartly and honestly. Retailing will continue to be our main focus area and in future we want to expand into high-end LFR stores. Right now we have 30 plus retail outlets all over India. We are looking forward to tieups with good and reliable mobile phone brands than just increasing the number of outlets or brands. If a new brand comes, we observethem for some time and evaluate carefully before signing up an agreement. We are planning to enterLED TV segment which seems to be promising. My message to partners is everyone should be careful before establishing new relationships—do not go too fast while investing asthe things are veryvolatile in the mobiles industry and brands are jumping in and jumping out every other day. Committing too much on a single brand or product would be risky.”