Smartphones have changed the way we learn


In 2009, Jaro Group spearheaded the advent of executive education in India. As an Ed-tech focused company, it has revolutionized the manner in which people learn and educate themselves. It has provided quality management and technology programs, in collaboration with premium institutions, to over 1.5 Lakh people through the channel of tech-enabled platforms.

The advancement of technology made these milestones possible. Our way of life has undergone a complete overhaul in the last ten years, courtesy of the internet. This technology was purely a privilege for a select few in 1995. Even primary education saw low figures wherein the number of students enrolled in school at several different grade levels, i.e. Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) was dropping as we moved up the grades. At grade 8, the GER was at 69% and at grade 10 it was just 39%. Clearly, there needed to be an intervention that would include everyone in this system.

But back then, there were less than 1% of people who had access to the internet. At our present time, it has become so integral to civilization that 4.1 billion users are connected to the internet daily. And this level of connectivity has impacted the literacy rate of our children. Presently, more than 95% of 12 year olds in India can read and write. This was made possible because 98% of Generation Z children have smartphones with internet access. They choose to leverage the internet, with the help of their versatile smartphones, to acquire new skills, knowledge & understand principles and theories. Smartphones have essentially transformed the way in which information is accessed and ideas are understood.

In our digital age, instructors and learners have access to a digital toolbox –spanning from multipurpose devices to online courses and computerized reading material. It’s no longer obligatory for children to acquire their knowledge solely from textbooks. Encompassed by gadgets, as children presently are, their learning can be initiated at any moment. And children are more inclined to learn than ever before since the most trending category on the Google Play Store is ‘Education’. Many have acknowledged that smartphones are a powerful tool for learning and they play a pivotal role in education and the intake of new information.

Utilizing their smartphones, Generation Z age groups have flocked to ‘Learning Apps’, a feature- rich application stacked with informatory videos, tests, and professional guidance for a detailed learning experience. These innovative Apps includes the aforementioned digital toolbox all included in a 6-12 inch device. A few years ago, it was not conceivable to make education accessible to people from every demographic. The infrastructure needed to accommodate millions of students was deemed impossible. But with smartphones penetration in India nearing a billion people and internet access expected to reach 550 million by 2018, we can now educate anyone with a mobile phone that has internet access.

Validating these facts, research shows that the market share of primary and secondary supplemental education, like learning apps, online videos and other e-learning tools is set to grow from 73 million USD in 2016 to 773 million USD in 2021. Plus, the use of online learning for test preparation will also increase from 43 million USD to 515 million USD. These and many more markets like higher education, online certifications and language & casual learning cumulatively will contribute to 1.96 billion USD by 2021.

The potential of these learning apps, its price, and availability render it as a win-win for all. Education institutions could see a rapid increment in enrolment and added revenue by adopting these new technologies. Students can see this as a dynamic choice that permits them to study as per their schedule, place, and pace. And finally owing to the cost reduction related to digital technology, Ed-Tech has developed a high potential for increased business opportunities in India.

Toppscholars – The Smart Learning App is one such innovative tool that acts as a comprehensive solution for all the learning needs of Generation Z. With features such as Animated Video Lessons, Adaptive Practice Tests, Dedicated Teacher Connect, and Detailed Performance Analysis; it is an ideal learning app for those born in the digital era. By leveraging smartphones, which the world is so gripped by, Toppscholars is cultivating independent learners and ensuring sustainable success not just in the academic front but in every field.

As Edupreneurs, it becomes our responsibility to deliver the finest education to those who will shape our society & future. The GER level in our country is finally rising due to the reformation brought about in the education industry by learning apps. As the land that invented the zero, we now have innovative tools such as Smartphones that are challenging the norms to elevate the quality of education. As the future of the education industry is dominated by technology and mobility we can fairly say that the revolution has already begun.