Soundcore Announces 2nd Edition Flare+ Bluetooth Speaker


Soundcore announces the second edition Flare+ Speaker. The speaker brings powerful 360° sound, elevated to new levels by quad drivers, dual passive radiators, and an intensified beat-driven light show. Promising nothing less than the 360-degree sound, Flare+ delivers sound in every corner of the room, by back to back full range drivers, two tweeters and dual bass radiators. Enjoy high frequencies with rich detail and clarity, smooth mids and a low-end that pounds with electrifying power. To produce breath-taking depth and clarity, Flare+ utilizes the exclusive Bass up Technology. The Bass Up Technology enhances the music’s bass frequencies in real time, intensifying sound via state of the art neodymium drivers.

Instantly, double the sound, by pairing two Flare+ to a single device. The Boost mode further synchronizes playback for twice the volume, while Stereo Mode separates left and right channels, to expand the soundstage to deliver true to life performance.

Watch a Halo of LEDs phase, pulse and shine on the control of the app, for a completely immersive audio visual experience. Its Ultra efficient 6700mAh battery promises 20-hour playtime, close to an entire day, on a single charge. Additionally, if the phone can’t keep up, charge it while you play via the built-in USB Port. Flare+ is super safe from House Party to a pool party, with IPX7 protection that effortlessly withstands spills, rain and even complete submersion in water.