A technical solution is at its best only when the business requirement is clearly understood and matched with the business goals of the organization.


    ORANE – means ‘to rise above the rest’. We came into existence in 2011 as an expert team in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. We have implemented some sizeable projects in the Middle East, however the idea of providing such expert services to the Indian market remained a dream as we were ahead of time to be Technologically advanced for indigenous enterprises. Nevertheless, we pursued to remain the cutting edge Enterprise Solution Provider as we evolved alongside the technological evolution. Today, we stand a class apart by bringing in Enterprise Solution in the field of mobility.

    We started as a humble enterprise with a team of 3 and today we are a team of 25 scattered across Indian Metros, successfully developing and deploying independent products for various enterprises such as CRM for Real Estate, Textile ERP solution, Loyalty Management for Large scale textile manufacturers and retail groups, Parsing Solution for a HR company etc., are a few to name.

    Currently we are researching on various Blockchain Technologies that can be adopted in building new applications that can cater to other business verticals like Law Firms, Financial Institutions etc., The urge to work on upcoming technology shall remain the driving factor for Orane to sustain as the “Go-to” solution provider.

    Our Focus is to continue resolving Business Process complications across industry verticals, by virtue of pursuing trending technologies. This apparently has been the only way to retain our esteemed client base, besides acquiring new ones. This also brings us to discuss about our team, who are experts in their domain and never hesitate to acquire knowledge from whatever source that they may find. Their dedication to our clients and contribution to the organizations keep Orane a young and energetic team ahead of the rest irrespective of the size of the organization or business.

    It is with much pride and praise to our team that I’d like to discuss a few of our products and solutions. In today’s competitive world, there is no such thing as NEW that can raise the technical expert’s eyebrows, however this humble attempt is to make our presence felt in this endeavour.

    Product Category-

    1. Pick My Food- platform solution that allows users to order online and collect the items on their way reducing the time from order to delivery. On the flip side, this method saves a lot of capital expenditure and operational expenditure to the business owner/ hotelier. Secondly, the platform allows a traction of regular buyer behaviour and enables an auto order feature, allowing the seller to fix his inventory v/s demand’ making it a profitable IT investment.

    Pinkmyfood on Google Playstore

    2. Servvy- platform based application for Automobile Service centres and Garages. At present biggies like Mahindra, Tata and 3M provides their dealers a digital method to execute services in an organized manner; however there is a large segment of unbranded and unorganised service providers who lack this need of a suitable system in place .

    This application will allow the regular service providers to not just acquire customers digitally, but also improve business in other vertical like- selling premium products for car owners, tracking service agent’s job performance, improving customer loyalty, providing offers and coupons etc. This is scheduled to be launched by the end of 2018.

    On similar lines we have couple of other applications under development whilst our demanding customers for Services Solutions.

    Service Category-

    Under our service segment we have multiple offerings-

    Enterprise Solution for Small, Medium and Large scale industries
    System integrations and implementations in Oracle & SAP.
    Mobility- covers range of web and mobile platform solutions for enterprises. In this segment we use a mix of various technologies to suit the type of business requirements, for example php, Django, AngularJS, dotnet, MySql etc that enables us to develop and deploy robust solutions.

    We see a great opportunity in any industry segment that is determined to grow either vertically or horizontally or both. We often come across clients who have got it wrong the first time and dread their second attempt in implementing technology. This “Once bitten twice shy” clients are typically our long term clients seeking for technical partnership or alliances. It is a tedious process for us as a company to win such customer but slowly it becomes easy as we get engaged into client-vendor contract. Over the years, we have learnt that a technical solution is at its best, only when the client’s business requirement is clearly understood and match it with the overall business goals of the organization. Thus, our tryst continues!

    If one is looking for an IT solution, one must focus on few factors before engaging with the solution provider. Our USP is on the lines of an EPIC model in our organization- Our EPIC model (Excellence, Participation, Integrity, and Collaboration) will serve as the basis of our operation and will permeate in all areas of our business. A great solution is a result of sum total of great team effort!

    1. Excellence – We will pursue excellence in all areas that will be critical to delivering outstanding value to our clients.

    2. Participation – Our unique participative management style will be enabled through full open-book management, which provides each employee with the information they need to quickly make decisions that benefit our clients and build lasting business relationships.

    3. Integrity – We will maintain the highest moral standards of honesty, ethics, and integrity with respect to clients, team members, and the communities where we live and work. Integrity provides more than just professional and personal gratification. It will be the essential ingredient necessary to earn the trust and respect of our clients. Once this trust is earned, we are positioned to provide even greater value to our clients, employees, and stockholders.

    4. Collaboration – Commitment to ‘collaborative relationships and knowledge sharing’ increases productivity, improves quality and innovation in all our endeavours. Our team members carry with them a solid foundation built on best practices and collaboration that ensures continuous innovation and reliability.