To dominate the TV Market, our focus is to tap the value conscious Indian Consumer embracing the disruptive pricing with no compromise in quality


Please tell us about your product portfolio
Truvison is transforming the TV market in India, bridging the gap with cost-effective prices and latest technology. The year 2018 has been a good start for Truvison. From launching 4K Smart Full HD TV to Bluetooth Speakers, it has all been a success. The brand’s recent launch was the 50 inches Full UHD TV. We also extended our consumer durable segment introducing an AC – TXSF202N with TruAer Technology which was quite a win for us.
We plan on extending the segments beyond what we have achieved to date. Truvison already has a diversified portfolio of consumer durables and electronics such as smart technology LED Televisions, Air conditioners and Audio system. We have recently launched washing machine as well. Furthermore, viewing the dynamics of the market, the next milestone to be achieved will be with the addition of refrigerators and air purifiers into the portfolio.

This is a very competitive segment, and we have seen lots of new brands now foyers in this segment, how you are projecting your products.
Our offerings are one of its kind, catering to Indian audience with innovative solutions that drive their purpose. We plan on investing and developing our R&D centres and distribution channels for further expansion. To dominate the TV Market, our focus is to tap the value conscious Indian Consumer embracing the disruptive pricing with no compromise in quality. We believe the concoction of right products, philosophy of best specs, highest quality and honest pricing mixed with the innovative business model will help us propel a change in the Smart TV industry in India.

What are the main USP or strong points of brand Truvison?
Aspiring to revolutionize the lifestyle of consumers, Truvison brings comfort and convenience to millions of homes in India. Truvison has introduced the elite range of technologies, not just eco-friendly but also energy saving.
Infact, Truvison is the first company in India to introduce the stress-free viewing experience with the Cornea-Eye technology and energy saving feature. Furthermore, the TruAer technology in the Truvison ACs has also gained a lot of traction due to its, high-performance air delivery of clean and filtered air. With consumer satisfaction as the key differentiator, Truvison is working insistently to create new products and experiences for the Indian Consumers. Known for quality and design excellence the brand credits several firsts in India. We truly believe in boosting customer confidence and bringing functionality with value for money. With utmost advertising, marketing and Word of Mouth along with the right products, we have struck the right cords with the customers. In-spite of choosing the offline route to reach the customers, we have proficiently managed to offer them cost advantage. Truvison is not only establishing itself to be a game changer but it will also set new benchmarks in terms of specifications, accessibility and affordability

What is your current market strategy?
The brand’s strategy is to penetrate the unexplored regions in India, especially the Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions where consumers though demands for a top-notch quality product paired with value-added benefits at most prudent prices. As part of the strategy, the company plans to introduce more categories under its mass premium brand which will help it to expand in tier II & III cities. Recently, the brand has also associated with the well-renowned and trusted online stores, to maximize the outreach for the audience.

What are your plans for this festive season?
At Truvison, we believe that the consumers are the soul of the brand. Like every year, this festive season customers are in for a treat with combo offers, Discounts etc. For us, the festive season starts with Ganesh Chaturthi and continues on to Christmas. We have several new launches in pipeline in sync with the festive period. Like most brands festive season shall account 50% of our Annual Sales.

After sales strategies.
For Truvison, customer service is the prime importance as the foundation of the company is completely laid on the after sales service of the product. We have created a TRU care app for our service employees wherein they get real time complaints and we maintain excellent turnaround time within 24 hours. We have also deployed 600 company owned service franchisee network across India dedicated to this.