“Consumers ready to pay a little extra for great features of a smartphone like Zopo Speed 8”


“Consumers ready to pay a little extra for great features of a smartphone like Zopo Speed 8,zopo-speed-8-blog-image offers world the First & Fastest Deca-core Processor Smartphone “
Charles Bird, Brand Manager, Zopo, comes with an elaborate experience into marketing and brand management. Before Zopo, Charles had
spearheaded marketing divisions for several companies into internet and online business. At Zopo, Charles is responsible for brand communication in the international market. In an interaction with Mobility, Charles shares his focus on the recently launched world’s fastest Zopo Speed 8 smartphone.
Q. Please brief us about Speed 8 series and your expectations from it?

A. ZOPO had a highly successful and exciting time at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The introduction of the new Speed 8 powered by MediaTek’s Helio X20 was the subject of overwhelming media attention and pushed ZOPO into the spotlight. We are very happy to bring Speed 8 in India, the first smartphone with 10 cores and it’s a great value for money product for every smartphone lover.


Q. How does your brand ambassador aid your promotion?

A. We are very happy to have partnered with the fastest MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo, who is identified for his speed. And that really helped us to push our Speed 8 series forward and connect to masses.


Q. Brief us your efforts on promotion and distribution front.
A. We have strong distribution channels across the world—in Europe, South East Asia, and other countries. In Spain, we are exceptionally strong and we are also present in Media Mart, a chain of electronic retail shops. In India, we have Adcom which is a reputed company in the Indian IT industry. Next, we are going to increase our presence on social media.


Q. What is your strategy for India?zopo speed 8
A. As far as the strategy for India is concerned, we are going to launch new color series in August 2016. We are hoping to sell over 20000 units of Speed 8 a month.


Q. How this new deca-core processor is going to make difference to the customer?
A. The deca-core processor works when you need and does not when you do not need. That saves battery power. Next, it is the most suitable for multi-tasking with different skins for different purposes. It’s a lot different from other processors and brands.

Q. You priced Speed 8 at INR 29,999, which seems a bit costly. What response do you expect from the market?
A. We are expecting good response from the market. Nowadays people do not mind spending a little extra for better features and functions. Our Speed 8 fits into that picture very well.