“We want to continuously deliver products with aspirational features at a reasonable price”


The Vietnamese brand founded in 2009, entered India last year with a promise to provide smart phones with cutting-edge technology, trending functionalities and aspirational features at affordable prices in 4-10k range. Based on the philosophy of ‘Enjoy More’, Mobiistar strives to capture hearts in India with the right technology, crisp designs, meaningful user experience, excellent service and their passionate attitude towards consumers.

In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Aniruddha Deb, CMO, Mobiistar, shares, “Our main focus is to provide smartphones in the 4-10k segment with the latest, trending and aspirational features which are usually not available in the market in the phone in that price bracket. There are a host of brands and 100s of models in the market, which do not provide features comparable to us at price-points in 4-10K range. Our market strategy is to first identify the gaps in the phones available in the market and what better features we can provide at particular price-points, in terms of product features, pricing, powerful selfie cameras, multicolor and attractive designs, etc and provide these features at an affordable prices.”

Selfie-taking is one of the strongest trends in the market currently and Mobiistar has incorporated the best camera and features to meet the selfie-demands of the users with India-specific selfie designs and experience. Providing affordability without compromising quality, Mobiistar brings to life the fact that limitless enjoyment can be economical.

Talking about their supply channel perspective, Mr. Deb, adds, “We have a strong offline channel network. Our main focus is to reach out to retailers even in the remote towns. In the last 6 months, we reached 27 states, 600 distributors and 40,000 retailers outlets. Building such a massive offline network with in 6 months is definitely an achievement. We could also gene-rate a good acceptance among customers and our sales figures are growing fast. We do monthly audit of all our activities, expansion, sales volumes by model, value growth, etc; and review the strategy for the following month. Before the end of 2019, we want to reach out to over 60,000 mobile outlets, that is nearly 60% of the Indian market. And we already have 1000 third party service centers, with service presence even in the remote towns. We have a production plant in India with good capacity which we want to expand further by the end of 2019.”

At the core of the Mobiistar lies the vision to proliferate technology and make its mark in the markets it ventures into. Consumer sentiments are pivotal to the product and brand strategy of Mobiistar. Since inception, backed by advanced R&D department and marketing strategy, Mobiistar focused on establishing an integrated approach and built the brand on the pillars of digital and mobile marketing keeping consumer research, product development and core technology at the foundation.

In January and February 2019 we launched two massive campaigns on two of our models the Mobiistar C1 Shine and Mobiistar X1 Notch, became the highest spenders and doubly higher in share of voice, and this was something which was noticed by consumers and retailers and created awareness.

“Today over 70% sales in India happen offline for the under 10K category. In the 4-10K category, we are already on the top 10 in some regions. We constantly keep on bringing out better versions every quarter. We want to be in top 5 in the under-10K category in a year’s time. The edge we have is, our focus is only on the 4-10K segments, where other prominent brands have their focus spread across a wide range. In Jan 2019, we spent heavily on promotion doing a lot of TVC and working with several celebrities. We also have a reward program for high performing retailers and we felicitated 8000 retailers across India recently. We also give excellent sales & technical support to our retailers thru our technical and sales teams. We are optimistic about future growth and expansion in the Indian market.”