WOWSOME: Taking Advertising to the Next Level with Augmented Reality

Karan Bhangay, Co- Founder, Wowsome

Q. Tell us about WOWSOME and how that app works?

A. Augmented Reality breaks the monotony and intelligently places your brand in the perspective of real world surroundings creating a solid Human-Brand-Interface.Take your everyday print ad – enhance with its related TVC/short video, quick links (social media, website), call-to-action (Enquiry, Buy, Share) and deals (coupon codes and discounts). Add stunning, interactive, real-time and virtually unlimited real estate to print by extending it onto your smartphone screens. Lead your audience from offline to online media with a hyper-immersive and hyper-targeted experience unlike anything seen before.

Q. How your app gains traction in India?

A. We have approached many of the top brands in India and they are many have already started executing innovative WOWSOME campaigns.

Q. How your clients are benefited from your revolutionary advertising medium?

A. Clients are able to connect their offline media with their relevant online content offering an effortless & immersive experience to their audience. Fans love the experience and spend more and more time engaging with the brand which extends the opportunity to enroll them.

A list of Clientele is attached.

  • Audi Noida
  • Q Events by Geeta Samuel
  • Joseph Radhik Photography
  • Moto Madness
  • Reva Aesthetics
  • Fuji Film
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Palladium
  • Aston Martin
  • Malabar Jewellers

Q. How your solution will bring change in this segment?

A. Great Augmented Reality campaigns deliver a seamless experience where users cannot differentiate between the real world and its virtual augmentation. With 160 million smart phone users in India braced by steady 3G data, expected to grow by a staggering 225 million before the end of 2015, Augmented Reality will soon be ubiquitous as the ultimate mass medium of advertising. Though our business model adds 10% to 15% incremental cost on the existing print-spend to add an interactive Augmented Reality feature, brands find it economical as it extends their reach. It is being used as a sales story by many.

Q. What are all the challenges and opportunities in this market?

A. Compared to the West, where the ad world started buzzing with the technology in 2007-08, in India the concept is still in the process of catching up. While currently Augmented Reality amounts to sharing the revenue pie with the print or digital spends, in the next two years, hopefully the brands will set aside separate budgets for the medium. Another advantage of Augmented Reality is that companies can get real-time data on customers who are interacting with their offline media, which gives them a better chance to convert visitors into buyers.

Q. Is India ready for such kind of solutions? Who are your potential customers?

A. We are ready with the most advanced and feature-rich platform in the segment. Of course, India as a country is leading the digital revolution in the emerging markets with the highest growth rates driven in the digital and related spaces. Clients are regularly adding up to our list, and every advertiser is our potential prospective customer.

Q. What are your targets for 2015-16?

A. We already have over 50 brands associated with us; hoping to raise the number by 100% or more this FY.