Indus Net Technologies has developed an application named SWAS – Service With A Smile for Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Textile, West Bengal, to provide small businesses a track-able and transparent mobile app based help-desk and grievance handling system. This development is in line with West Bengal’s increased focus on investments.


In an Interaction with Mobility India Mr.Abhishek Rungta, CEO, Indus Net Technologies.

elaborates on how this  premier Internet Consulting company offering diverse IT services and solutions to organizations  in India and world.


Tell us more about SWAS – Service With A Smile 


The app has been designed to overcome the challenges faced by investors during their investment process. A business owner or his associate can download the app on his Android smartphone. He will get a simple screen, where he can type out his problem or query. If an answer to this query is in our database of “frequently asked questions”, the answer will be immediately shown to the user. If the answer is not present in the database, it will let the user create a “help desk” ticket or a “grievance” ticket, depending upon his purpose, i.e. is he trying to get some information, or if he is finding some difficulty in getting a job done.

The same will be recorded with date and time stamp and automatically sent to the respective person in the district for resolution. If the concerned person does not resolve in a given time frame, it can be escalated. All “help desk” and “grievance” issues can be tracked and report can be generated. Thus, concerns of business owners and prospective investors can be handled effectively.


A brief back ground of Mr. Rungta and connection to West Bengal.

“My family has been in Bengal for generations. In Bengal, we belong to a village called Karimpur. We have deep roots in the state. My father has a jute trading business. I was born in Kolkata, studied in South Point, graduated from St. Xaviers college and went on to do my MS in Multimedia from University of Bath in the UK. I started my business and head quartered it here since inception. Today, we are even more committed to Kolkata and growing at a rapid pace.”

How it all started? Thought/inspiration behind SWAS

I was contacted by MSME department for a tender for an app for MSME department, which will allow them to support small to medium sized business through an app as a single window escalation management platform.

We had a great portfolio including MyGOV app, Incredible India app and many instances where we have delivered scalable, mission critical app in unimaginable timelines.

We won the tender. And, then we consulted the department with our experience and got the app delivered in record time. The same was launched by Hon. Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee.

What drives him to select West Bengal and MSME for this platform

We are geography agnostic. And for a company like us, who are head quartered in Kolkata, we must make our mark and impact in our own state. We are grateful to MSME department to give us this opportunity to make a big impact closer home.

Opportunities and Challenges in this segment

The challenges with mobile apps are:

  • Technology is changing too fast, which makes maintenance very complex, expensive and stressful exercise.
  • We have multiple platforms, even more devises and hence compatibility becomes a challenge
  • The technical talent to create high quality apps is in acute shortfall

We have seen many big projects and companies have shifted its base from West Bengal, what really changed since then?

I cannot comment on strategy of other companies. We find West Bengal suited to our needs. Bengal is known for its talent, especially in the field of art, science and culture – all of which is very critical in building an innovative digital technology company.

It has its own challenges, but you will some or other challenge everywhere. We have figured out how to tackle the local challenges. We have a very different agile, customer centric and passionate work culture, which sets us apart from other companies in the region.

I am confident, as we keep building the business, talented prabasi bengalis will identify opportunity closer to home and join the bandwagon. Its all about critical mass. And we are getting there.

Did today’s Govt. and youth feel positive about his state.

Things have improved. However, there is a lot of change that still needs to happen. Hopefully they will happen. I will urge the youth to focus on their own capabilities and hard work instead of looking into macro elements, which are ultimately created by them only. If everyone feels positive and confident, because they are capable, the state will become positive. It is unfair to expect everything from the government. In fact, I feel government should stay away from business.

And above all, its a globally connected world. If someone still blames his place of origin for his failures, he is just being lazy and fault-finder. You can learn from the best and work for the best, sitting right here or any place which is connected to Internet.

How your company planning to make an impact in this demographic?

We are already making an impact. Till date, we have given a platform to 2500+ professionals. We currently have 700+ full time executives, who are working on mission critical projects of corporations around the world. And they also spend some time in building systems like SWAS, MyGov, Incredible India, which helps them make impact closer to home.

Your company’s strategy and road-map for 2016-17?

Keep growing at a CAGR of 50%-60%.

Have stronger partnerships with our global client base.

Have stronger processes and an even better culture