5 best affordable boombox speakers to buy in India


Just like smartphones changed the way people talk on the phone, wireless boombox speakers changed the way music enthusiasts carried their favourite music device. Also known as jambox or ghettoblaster, boomboxes were extremely popular transistorized portable music players that people loved carrying around with them in the early 1970s. Boombox is still widely associated with youth from urban communities, underdogs with go-getter attitudes and of course the music lovers! If you ever wanted to own a boombox or want to upgrade your retro boombox to the latest one, then bookmark this article as present you the 5 best affordable boombox speakers to buy in India.

1. JBL Tuner Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This Bluetooth-enabled (4.1) speaker packs a 2000-mAh in-built battery that offers up to 8 hours of playback time, so you can uplift the spirit of the party for a long time. It’s a perfect sound quality that can make anyone dance to its blasting yet soulful music. The speakers can be operated from within 8 meters of range from the source device. The sleek and stylish design of JBL Tuner Portable Speaker makes it easy to carry. The device also sports FM that lets you enjoy the traditional FM radio stations. You can buy JBL Tuner Portable Speaker @ Rs. 4499.

2. Zoook Rocker Boombox: This wireless bluetooth (2.4G) boombox from ZOOOK is highly recommended for music lovers who love the traditional look and feel of boomboxes. If you ask us, it is a perfect combination of style and tradition. With its two specially angled speaker drivers, this 32-watt speaker can surround your party with thundering bass. The output music is so loud and clear, it can beat any high-end boombox in the market. When charged for 5 hr, it can deliver music for 9 hours, without any interruption. You can control it from your smart device via bluetooth or the top-mounted bass/treble and volume controls. Additional features of the Rocker BoomBox includes FM radio, digital LCD, aux (3.5mm) input, EQ presets and more. This beauty and beast combo from ZOOOK can be yours in only Rs. 2899.

3. DBS-011 Bluetooth Speaker: Boasting a stylish tube-shaped, smooth finish exterior, DBS-011 Bluetooth (4.2) speaker comes with hooks on both sides to attach the handle for carrying it around comfortably. With built-in digital decoder for decoding and playing Mp3 files and low distortion 20W Power Amplifier + Bass Control, the 5.25” hi-fi speaker produces high-fidelity, rich sound. The speaker features an external TF card, USB socket, AUX IN (Jack 3.5mm), FM digital radio, digital LED display, mini control keys for selections and volume adjustment for easy operation. Digitek DBS-011 is affordably priced at MRP of Rs. 2499.

4. Syska BT670 speaker: Syska BT670 Boombox wireless speaker has been launched recently in India. This beautiful device is portable and lightweight. Its good sound quality makes it optimal for indoor and outdoor parties. The speaker has the ability for the hands-free call button to answer/ reject calls, ability to redial the last number, play and pause music button, built-in FM radio support, and a microSD card slot. Users can also connect the speaker with any smartphone or music player through the AUX cable and Bluetooth. Syska BT670 Boombox speaker is also available in different colour options like green, red, black and more. You can own this sturdy device in your favourite colour within Rs. 2699.

5. Pebble BassX Aqua: Pebble BassX Aqua has been launched in India a few days back and it is attracting attention for delivering remarkable sound and for its incredible build quality. Boasting an impressive curvy design with cloth fabric and rubber oil coat, and sleek controls, this device beats all in beauty. In terms of performance, it can deliver music up to 8-hour with only a few hours of charging. It comes in premium Black colour and Royal blue shade that perfectly complements your style. You can connect Pebble BassX Aqua with your smart device via bluetooth or aux cable. This pretty and powerful boombox is available for Rs. 1999.

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