5 Things you can do on Hike Explore

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Hike Messenger  rolled out explore to 100% of its users. Explore is a single stream of content where you can find everything from your daily news to your cricket updates. Unifying multiple microcaps on Hike, it is a nifty feature which gives you a full experience of all of these together through a single entry point on your chat screen.

1.4 Know it all on Hike News

With 60 words news on the go, Hike News is the best way to stay updated with the latest happenings around India and the world. In true Hike Indian style, Hike News comes in 8 Indian languages apart from English – Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada.

Currently, Hike News garners over 1 billion page views a month!

2.Flaunt your swag on Game of the Day

Defeat the mafia boss one day, avoid tricky traps the next and save the Princess on the third – enjoy new games each day on Game of the Day. With 5 unique games available at any given time, you’ll never get bored during your breaks or just waiting in queues – for the metro, for coffee, in the cafeteria, for your bey and whenever you get an urge to just twiddle your thumbs. What’s more? You can compete with your friends on the leaderboard to see who’s getting the most points. So get going and get the highest score!

3.Enjoy cricket updates on the go

Never miss the latest scores even while you’re on the go and can’t catch the match. Not to worry, you get the scores right inside Explore.

4. LOL with Just for laughs

Need a joke to make your bestie smile? Or some witty memes to share a hearty laugh with your friends? Or simply just smile to yourself? Tap into Explore with Just for Laughs. The latest memes and latest jokes compiled for you by the Hike team to add a dose of laughter to your life.

5. Stay inspired with quotes from Hike Daily

Sometimes all you need to get started are few words of wisdom. With Hike Daily, these doses of inspiration are just a tap away on Explore.

To get Explore, simply update your Hike Messenger on the Google Play store or iTunes.

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