Acer ASPM168 Smart Parking Meter System


    The Acer ASPM168 Smart Parking Meter System is Taiwan’s first smart roadside parking solution that combines automatic occupancy detection, license plate recognition, billing, payment, and a cloud management platform. The system makes the city more sustainable: 1. The automatic detection and billing process greatly reduces the use of paper parking tickets. 2. Drivers can get real-time parking availability from the app. They no longer need to circle the block looking for parking, thereby reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion. The system not only effectively improves management efficiency, but also generates valuable data for the authority to make better parking policies.

    Other competitors such as geo-magnetic sensors fail to provide payment services and are still inefficient, inaccurate and labor-intensive. Marketing: By leveraging resources from the public and private sectors, marketing campaigns include traditional media, social media, public relations events and promotions. The Smart Parking Meter can automatically announce the availability of a parking space and report that availability to the PKLOT APP1. The driver can then quickly locate available parking spaces through the app. The triangular Smart Parking Meter can detect vehicles entering the parking space from either end and use number plate recognition to automatically charge for parking .

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