AIMRA to Celebrate 7th Anniversary on 11th September 2021 Organizing Blood Donation Camps and Other Humanitarian Activities

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AIMRA, the leading mobile retail body of 1.5 lakh mobile retailers, will celebrate its 7th anniversary on 11th September 2021. The entire team is full of joy and is highly excited. This brings hope & excitement among lakhs of people across the retail fraternity. 

On this day the entire team will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of AIMRA on 11th September 2021 by conducting a nationwide Blood Donation drive & camps, contributing in remembrance of founder member late Mr Bhavesh Solanki. 

Apart from the blood donation camps, the entity would also arrange for nationwide tree plantation and giving food and clothes to the underprivileged class of children.

Apart from the cake cutting ceremony and these activities, it is a moment of joyous for all the members of AIMRA. It is almost like a festival time for the members as all these years and all these years there have been milestones for being with each other in case there is need.

According to the spokesperson of AIMRA, “It is indeed a very important day as we have completed 7 years and it helps us to bring close to each other. This entity has always stood like a family when we needed them and there is a lot of government support that we have received through AIMRA. This is almost like a family and we are happy that we have successfully completed 7 years.” 

AIMRA is the leading mobile retail body of 1.5 lakh mobile retailers, promoting and protecting the sector by creating value for members and the retail industry.

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