Airtel Kept up Mobile Network in Mumbai Despite Heavy Rains


Despite the heavy rains, Airtel has managed to keep its mobile network in Mumbai up and running through proactive planning and management. Pre-monsoon checks were carried for 100% sites and the network equipment was weather proofed for rains. Special weatherproofing jackets have been installed on the key sites serving all Flyovers, Railway Stations, Eastern Express, Western Express, Sion-Panvel Road to ensure seamless connectivity.

Battery backup capacity was upgraded for the sites which are prone to power cuts during monsoon. Also, by analysing historical data Airtel’s network teams have identified the site locations across the city that are more likely to get impacted and redesigned the transmission network resulting in a more robust network. A 24X7 war-room has been set-up to monitor the network and teams are on standby for quick restoration in case of any equipment breakdown/damage. Adequate spares have been stocked to meet any breakdown requirements.