ASUS is determined to touch customers’ heart in terms of incredible product, incredible design, incredible quality and incredible service


Mr Jerry Shen, CEO, ASUS India

Recently ASUS  announces availability of Latest ZenFone and ZenPad Models at ZenFestival in New Delhi. This big event sees Indian debut of ZenFone 2 Deluxe, ZenFone Selfie, ZenFone 2 Laser, ZenPad 7.0 and ZenPad 8.0, and worldwide launch of ZenFone Max.
Q&A with ASUS CEO Jerry Shen

How sub 25k devices are vying to dethrone industry biggies like Apple, Samsung
Well, Indian market presently is the hub of innovation. It is inevitable for any player to ignore this market. But irrespective of numerous players entering, we believe that we are competing with ourselves. We are innovating incredibly to surpass the standards set by our previous innovations. Therefore, our focus is always to maintain quality of our offerings and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. We believe our ZenFone is a high-end product but with affordable price. The goal is to provide an empowering luxury for everyone. We believe the best technology is to be used by a mass of audience.

How important is India market for you and how is it different from other markets that you are present in?
Indian is a key geography to play for ASUS. Being a huge country, it is too diversified with each region having its own market trends and preferences. Keeping the focus and dynamics of the market in mind, we formulate different strategies. We premeditated to proceed as per the understanding of what our users are thinking, feeling, and doing – what they value.
The key part is India customers’ mind and ASUS is determined to touch customers’ heart in terms of incredible product, incredible design, incredible quality and incredible service.

How is ASUS performing in India?
ASUS has been focused towards Smartphones, Touch notebooks, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Phablets and Notebooks. The Zenfone first generation was a huge success marking sales of over 6 lakhs units on H2 in India. ASUS India has been growing phenomenally. The aggressive retail expansion strategy has made us mark over 120 exclusive stores all across the country including Tier II, Tier III & Tier IV cities. We are looking at opening of 200 stores by this year end. We wish to add 200 more people to establish the mobile market and reach out to each level of the country.

what is ASUS’ strategy for sustaining the buzz for the smartphone category?
Deliver the most incredible phone at the most incredible price! As I mentioned earlier, that a good product does not take a lot of marketing.  Consumers can see and feel the difference and it will speak for itself.  We first launched the Zenfone in in India last year and the phone has been really well received by both the press and consumers alike.  The first shipment usually sells out within minutes.  I think this second generation product will also stand the test of many markets and I am confident that it will be loved by the consumers in India as well.
India has been one of the most important markets for us. We want to bring the best innovation and the most affordable price to you.