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Audio-Technica’s ATH-102USB to make remote learning and working easier

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Audio-Technica now brings an affordable quality solution for the remote learning and working scenario that seems to have got a fresh wind under its wings with the ongoing onslaught of the pandemic.

The ATH-102USB, a biaural headphone with an in-built mic, is comfortable, lightweight, and delivers quality audio, both for the speaker and the listener. The condenser microphone utilizes the proximity effect of a bi-directional electret condenser microphone to suppress ambient noise and ensure clear speech delivery. The enclosed muff canceled out the top of your breath, avoiding any voice distortion.

The best USB headset for web conferencing and online lessons. An open-type headset that is lightweight, carries soft ear pads that rest gently on your ears without the stunners of regular headphones making them perfect for extended use. High-quality listening for calls, music, and games was never so easy.

The AT102USB’s main body is administered a special antibacterial and deodorized treatment making them hygienic to use over time, anywhere, anytime. We are living in times when hygiene is of paramount importance. Factoring that in, these headphones come with a special treatment that makes them antibacterial, ensuring safe usage. ATH-102USB offers a great solution for enjoying music, games, and entertainment as well. The product is available at Rs. 2393.

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