Nidhi Agrawal, Country Manager, SNOW Corp (the owner of B612 App), shares their app’s merits and the beneficial features to users

With 10 Features in One, B612 is a Unique Global App that Allows you to Flick between over 50 filters in ‘Real-Time’

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B612 helps you snap selfies, allowing you to flick between more than 50 filters in ‘real-time’ to get a preview of your final image before you shoot. There’s a wide range of collage templates to choose from, and you can get more creative with tilt-shift and vignette effects. The B612’s ability to make video montages of up to nine videos and add music to it is rather cool. You can also create a video box to share with your friend. By using a code, the other person can then watch the video and record own video in reply. In an interaction with Mobility Magazine, Nidhi Agrawal, Country Manager, SNOW Corp (the owner of B612 App), shares their app’s merits and the beneficial features to users.  

Q. When was the B612 app launched and what are the USPs of your app? 

B612 is the only app in the market which is providing more than 10 features in one app. With the available features, users can create any kind of content they want with a high quality. Not just that, since B612 is a global app, users can also find the trends from all over the world and can create trends of their own in just a couple of minutes. Users can also create their own profiles and follow other creators of their liking. 

If we go into details, B612 has all the genre of features like filters, effects, funny sticker, image editing, video editing, short videos, create your own tools, trending, music, vlog, template, beauty, makeup, and many more. B612 has been designed keeping in mind the needs of audience for not only creating trendy content but also editing their existing images and content. For bringing the newest trends under one tab, we have a section called HOT, where creators can see other users’/creators’ content and also can follow their favorite creators or get followers themselves. Not just that, they can make their own profiles and share their own filters/ effects too.

SNOW Corp considers India as an important market and it has entered India with its B612 app. B612 is an all-in-one camera app that satisfies all camera needs of users and has been launched around 2016. B612 is planning various partnerships and localization strategies for Indian market.


Q. Let us know about your association with SNOW Corp?

SNOW Corp is an IT company which has more than 10 different apps in various categories. B612 is one of the apps of SNOW Corp which is getting recognised globally for its features and content. SNOW Corp’s parent organisation is Naver Corporation, one of the biggest IT giant companies in South Korea. The application launched in 2016 synced seamlessly with the growth of social media platforms and became popular as an all-in-one camera app equipped with a wide range of editing tools and built-in AR applications. It has unique features like makeup, beauty, trendy stickers (1500+), tools to make videos (stories, vlog, videos, bounce, etc), editing (professional editing), various ready to use editing templates, tools to make their filters or effects, tools to create music videos/short videos & more. Today, B612 has more than 1B+ (1 billion) download worldwide and 150M+ total downloads just in India. In India, it has 30M+ users on monthly basis (MAU). With upcoming new updates to the app, we are planning to continuously attract new users and grow ourusers family.

Q. What is the market share of your brand?

The market share is a tricky question to answer. In case of India, B612 does not have any direct competitor. There are a couple of indirect competitors (which means B612 is only competing with them for 1 or 2 of their features. As a side note, B612 has almost more than 10 features available in total). So for India, it will be fair to say that B612 is the sole all-in-one content creation app available.

Q. How have Indian consumers accepted the brand?

B612 realises that every user has a different need. Some may want to just edit their images/videos, while some want to use funny stickers to make funny content, some want to use the effects or want to follow the trend, and some others want to use their creative minds and make their own filters. Some users are also just looking for the readymade templates. Recently, B612 even found that, many want to get that natural beauty and colour captured in their content with only a few enhancements. Since B612 caters to all age groups with AR effects, filters, stickers and other features as mentioned above, the app is slowly getting accepted as an app for everyone. Users are finding B612 more attractive not only because of its various features but also because of easy to use app UI (user interface).

Simply said, Indian consumers have found a way to consume the app’s content according to their needs. Indians tend to use the app for the purpose of entertainment and creating content – clicking selfies, pictures, short videos, video with effects, bounce, using trending filters and effects easily, and also for its readymade templates and advanced editing features.

It’s an all-in-one content creation app which makes the user spend more time exploring data in the app and trying new things and finding new trends. It’s known in India for its creative filters and the unique approach to all types of content production on one app. 

We have seen a major spike in audience during the festivals, Corona Awareness Campaigns and other big days celebrated in India. This also indicates that users are accepting the fact that B612 has a lot more up-to-date and localised effects.

Q. Tell us about the association with Facebook?

We are collaborating with Facebook to create distinctive UI experiences for the users where B612 is providing its camera features to Facebook’s story platform as a part of this collaboration. One of the most used features on the platform is story feature where people can create or update daily happenings of their life. With this tie-up, we want to encourage users to share their moments and make them even more special. Users can cherish their memories and share stories with others. The story platform on Facebook will lead the users to B612 camera features directly.

Q. What growth trends do you perceive in the near future?

One of the most anticipated features we have added this week is profile creation and easy-to-make filter features. Simply said, B612 has added a feature where everyone can see the user generated content. Now users can create own filters or effects by themselves within few minutes, create their own profiles, and share their profile as well as filters with friends and other people. Not only that, they can also follow their favourite creators in the app and keep themselves updated about their new creations.

We are really looking forward to see how Indian users will use their creativity and bring it into existence. To give a comfortable experience and broader platform, we made sure that the tool to make their own filters is not complex and it has tools that users may need. We wanted to provide a platform to our users where they can create their own content according to their needs, and also create trends with no difficulties.

Apart from this, B612 is also engaging in a couple of brand partnerships and IP collaborations with various brands worldwide. This will allow users to use exclusive content of various brands. Apart from this, we are also adding a lot of high quality content for our users and content created by famous creators. The features in the app are also being updated on regular basis so that users can satisfy all their needs without any issues. There are amazing updates coming up, we are looking forward to introduce those in the Indian market.

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