Bhupesh Raseen appointed as honorary ‘BOARD MEMBER’ of FILM FEDERATION OF GHANA

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Bhupesh Raseen has been appointed as honorary “BOARD MEMBER” of FILM FEDERATION OF GHANA. The Film Federation of Ghana, Accra, Ghana has chosen Mr Bhupesh for his contribution to the development of the trade and entertainment industry in the Republic of Ghana.

Bhupesh is an accomplished executive with domestic & international experience in operations. He has successfully created & managed multichannel product distribution, marketing, business development, corporate affairs and government relations activities for both start-up & growth organisations globally. Mr Bhupesh Raseen is a confident business leader with vast experience across diverse industries including Mobile Phone, Spa-Wellness & Entertainment.

Bhupesh developed business & created business opportunities in international markets in Africa, Middle East, C.I.S., Europe & Asia regions. He also diligently worked with various Embassies & High Commissions to develop international business. He represented his companies at various industry-related associations including FICCI as Corporate Leader and also led industry delegations at various national & international platforms including BRICS – South Africa, X International IT Forum – Russia, etc. He has visited many countries which includes U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Lithuania, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Estonia, Russia,Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, U.A.E. & South Africa.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Bhupsh Raseen says, “I am extremely delighted and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Secretary General-Mr. Richard & the entire leadership of Film Federation Of Ghana for this prestigious appointment and appreciating my contribution to the development of the trade and entertainment industry in the Republic of Ghana.”

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