BlackZone Focus on Mobile & Accessories Market and Make in India vision


Incepted in 2001, BlackZone Mobiles, a Make in India Company, is into manufacturing and trading best-in-class feature phones, smart phones and mobile accessories. The company also provides mobile phone repairing service to the customers. The brand provides devices loaded with outstanding features at affordable prices. In an interaction with Mobility Magazine,  Mr. KANNAV THUKRAL of BlackZone, shares their company’s product policy, market strategy and Make in India vision.

Talking about BlackZone’s growth and progress, Mr. KANNAV THUKRAL  shares, “Our mobile phones and accessories are selling well, but we are surprised to see a great surge in demand for our feature phones after the outbreak of COVID-19. We have a wide range of feature phone models to cater to the needs and tastes of different types of customers. We have over 400 distributors and several branches spread across India. With our partners, we remain in regular contact, enquire constantly about the local demand and ensure seamless supply of products. We also obtain customer feedback continually from the partners and this helps us to know what features the customers need exactly and how the market trends are changing.”

BlackZone continually aims to improve the features & functionalities of the products across their productlines of smartphones, feature phones and accessories. Besides making high quality products, BlackZone takes special care of their employees treating them like family members providing them safe and comfortable working environment. 

Talking about our mobile accessories segment, Mr. KANNAV THUKRAL comments, “We have already launched mobile accessories like TWS, earbuds, , smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, neck bands, etc. The mobile accessories market is highly competitive and fast growing. We will promote our accessories products more aggressively in future to establish our brand strongly in the Indian market. In future, we want to launch more hybrid versions of smart watches, bracelets, calling smart watches. We are expecting our sales to increase by four times within a year’s time. We have nearly 400 partners and several branches across India. We will further increase the strength of our partner network and reach of our products.”  

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BlackZone has been growing steadily over the last several years. The vision of BlackZone is to actively follow the policy of Make in India in line with the PM’s vision to make India into a self-reliant manufacturing hub. BlackZone aims not only to become a staunch Make in India company, but also aims to become an exporter of mobile phones and accessories, providing high quality products at best prices domestically and globally.

Talking about theie Make in India policy, Mr. Kannav  shares, “BlackZone is a brand dedicated to Make in India mission. We are trying to use domestic raw materials and components as far as possible. But speaking honestly, currently in India, the ecosystem to manufacture all the mobile accessories is not available in India. Several components and raw materials that are not available domestically have to be imported mostly from China. To change this situation, the government has to make a determined effort to create the necessary infrastructure to manufacture in India and also provide the essential financial support in the form of liberal loans, tax holidays, etc. Then only we can overcome the dependence on China. The government should make extra efforts to attract more manufacturers to invest in India. Talking in terms of future, there are going to be a lot of opportunities for the Indian brands and those who manufacture in India with Swadeshi and vocal for local campaigns gaining momentum. Today, people are ready to shun Chinese brands in favor of Indian brands. Also Make in India creates lots of jobs to the local people, besides making India a self-reliant manufacturer. It also prevents the flight of hard earned foreign currency. So let us all work together to make India an independent manufacturing hub of global standards.”