Bluei Launched PD (Power Delivery) 18 W Quick Charge 10,000 mAh Powerbank

Bluei has recently launched its latest PD (Power Delivery) 18 W Quick Charge Powerbank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh at a reasonable price and one-year replacement warranty. This powerbank helps to charge the phones 90% in less than 60 min, which is very handy and beneficial to the businessmen and youth.

Talking about PD (Power Delivery) 18 W Quick Charge Powerbank, Mr Akhilesh Chopra, Marketing  Director, said, “It is a high-quality and long-lasting power bank with high reliability and a failure rate less than 1%. Bluei’s power banks provide the output that is promised in specs where most other power banks available in the market don’t provide what they promise and their performance also drops rapidly with time. If at all a customer has any genuine issue with the powerbank, we replace it with a new one. As smartphone users are increasingly playing games, watching videos and surfing the Internet even while travelling, sufficient power supply has become a demanding factor making power banks indispensable and handy storage devices. Late last year (2020), we launched several models of power banks with capacities starting from 5000 mAh to 20,000 mAh. Bluei is one of the first companies to introduce power banks in India and the brand and our power banks come in a wide range and high reliability. The ever growing number of smartphones in the country and the increasing tendency of the  people travelling are going to push up the demand for high quality and fast charging power banks  further in the coming times.”