Cashify launched their app-only based service to buy old smartphones, across 1000+ cities in India


In a move to expand its reach to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, India’s leading Re-commerce brand Cashify has extended its app-only based service across 1000+ cities in India. The service is only for Android smartphone users at the moment and will allow them to avail Cashify service from 15,000 postal codes. With the increasing demand for Cashify service across various cities, the brand has been working to step up operations for the last 3 months. Cashify soon plans to extend the app service even for iOS users in these cities.

Cashify has been leading the segment when it comes to buying old smartphones and providing instant payment to the customers, making it convenient for smartphone users to sell their phones anytime they want. Android users just need to download the Cashify app from Google Play Store and follow a few simple steps that will let them sell their smartphones.

Till now, Cashify was primarily present in Metros and tier 1 cities in India, but witnessing the huge demand for smartphone selling, the brand has finally extended it to more cities aggressively. This is the simplified and app based service from Cashify, to let Android smartphone users know the price of their old device with 5-6 quick and easy tests, which they can conduct themselves on their smartphones. It includes Screen Touch Test, Camera Test, Wifi functionality test, Bluetooth test and Screen Condition Test. Once these tests are completed, the price of the phone will be quoted and users can then decide to complete the transaction by selling the devices. The users will be offered free pickup across 1000+ cities, with a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours.

In order to use the service, the user needs to download the Cashify App on their Android smartphone and follow these simple steps:
✔ Select the city (mandatory step to initiate the process)
✔ Run a few tests on their phone including: Screen Touch Test, Camera Test, Wifi,
Bluetooth, Screen condition test (manually select the screen condition). These tests
have to be done on the smartphone that customer is planning to sell.
✔ Get the final price of the smartphone after completing all the tests and submit the
payment details.
✔ Pickup Process- Cashify executive picks up the device, and the payment gets
transferred to the customer within 30 minutes of successful pickup.

On being asked ‘why just run an app-only service?’, a Cashify representative said that “The
smartphone penetration has increased exponentially, not only in tier 1 cities but also in tier 2 towns. Smartphone users in tier 2- towns have now started consuming a lot through Internet & smartphones are the primary source for that. Seeing this, we decided to launch an App only service for now. By downloading the Cashify app, it becomes hassle-free for them to diagnose their phone, giving the right price for the phone. We will also be launching the iOS app very soon for Apple users”.

Commenting on the launch of the Cashify service, Mr. Siddhant Dhingra said; “We have been receiving lots of queries from tier 2 and tier 3 cities on the availability of our service, hence we sensed a huge demand. With this extension, users will now be able to sell their old gadgets fast, get instant payment for the same across 1500+ cities.

Cashify has also launched their first retail store recently with an intent to increase its physical presence in India. The brand has tied-up with popular retail chains like Vijay sales and Apple stores as their exclusive buyback partner for smartphones. Apart from that Cashify has 25 offline kiosks across 6 cities in India. That’s not all, the brand has also launched its own e-commerce portal to sell refurbished smartphones and accessories in India.