Codevidya Aims to Train Children in Program Coding from the Elementary Level


Mr. Shiv Ram Choudhary is the CEO and Founder of Codevidhya dedicated to teaching and training young students in programming languages and program coding that eventually develop apps and drive all digital machines.  An educationist and visionary, Mr. Shiv Ram is deeply passionate about innovations in education. He firmly believes that school education is the foundation of nation-building and if we really want to bring about a positive change, it should happen at this crucial stage. In an interaction with Mobility magazine, Mr. Shiv Ram Choudhary shares his valuable insights, and the mission and vision Codevidya.

Q. How Codevidhya aims to educate one lakh students by 2020?

Codevidhya, an ed-tech startup, dedicated to converting classrooms of Indian schools into programming powerhouses with a vision to empower the new generation to innovate. Its motto is to transform classrooms into vocational centers in order to equip students with the necessary tech skills that shall act as the resource needed to pursue a career of their choice. For better performance, we are trying to tie up with the government schools as it is the place where the majority of children are being sent to build their future. We would empower the schools with relevant teaching skills, as well as the avenue to provide a platform for students to think and develop ideas. The focus is on learning that will not only help develop a mindset ready for the future but also enable them through the usage of technology to be self-capable. Below are the particular areas we are focusing on:

a. Training and empowering the schools and teachers to upskill the inquisitive minds of children.
b. Delivering a curriculum that is relevant to the job market and which is useful in imparting fundamental skills to children.
c. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset for the students to think and use the tech resources to add value to any vertical they might enter into.

Q. How coding programs will help students get ready for future technology jobs?

Language is the most important thing in a human’s life that runs the world, whether it is the local languages of different countries or states. As we live in a world of technology today, programming languages assume great importance. In the future, the programming languages will become very important to children as they will be breathing technology every day and hence it is important for them to learn to code. Any child who wants to be a professional or an entrepreneur needs to learn to code. Learning coding at an early age will be even better because this is the time when their minds can grasp things faster and better.

Q. How Codevidhya aims to create professionals who can drive technology?

Codevidhya prepares children to become ‘successful technology entrepreneurs’ by teaching them the programming language or coding from the beginning of their education. Teaching coding to children helps them to develop an interest in technology and drive technology as an entrepreneur. Codevidhya provides special training to children in coding and this will help them to find new opportunities in the era of digitalization.

Q. How the interactive Codevidhya Curriculum emphasizes on Emerging Technologies like Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Scratch Programming, etc?

The programming languages like BASIC, C, C++, Java, and the emerging technologies like Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Scratch Programming are the latest technologies being used in all futuristic products and technologies. These technologies are being introduced by CBSE curriculum as pilots which further validates their need to take them to the school level. When introduced at the school level as part of the core curriculum, there are fairly greater chances of students being receptive and inquisitive to learn coding which is basic to all the apps and technologies today. Codevidhya’s curriculum is designed to be interactive and intensive.