COMPUTEX 2016 d&i awards Winning Products



WISO, the world’s 1st Bluetooth whistle, draws attention to any crisis.5ws

In an unexpected situation, WISO can notify and send location info to your pre-determined contacts: It automatically calls, SMS and emails your trusted family members, plus it triggers a noisy alarm. The location info will update continuously every 2-3 minutes.

Activating WISO is as simple as pressing a button or blowing a whistle.   Safer, Simpler and Speedier.


ASUS ZenWatch 21ws

is designed to be a truly personalized companion and extension of the wearer’s smartphone, providing the wearer with timely information at a glance and wellness activity tracker, a truly stylish and well-functioning personalized wearable device.Powered by Android Wear and made of high-quality materials, ASUS ZenWatch 2


Acer Aspire One 11

Reliable, familiar, better!

Do more with a beautifully ultra-thin Win10 laptop that uses built-in drainage channels to protect2ws against liquid spills, and has up to 10 hours of battery life for working unplugged. Surf the web faster with ultra-fast 802.11ac wireless that works with advanced MIMO technology to deliver a smoother Internet connection. We designed the keyboard around an innovative drainage system, so you won’t lose all your work if you accidentally spill liquids on it. This drainage system can easily handle up to 330ml of water spilled on the keyboard, so now you can cram all night without worrying about any brain-fatigue accidents.


HTC Desire 530

The HTC Desire 530 combines one-of-a-kind style, practicality and affordability to create a bold 3wssmartphone unlike anything else on the market. Inspired by sportswear and street art, a micro-splash effect on the plastic shell gives each phone a unique pattern as it goes through production, treating the phone as a canvas. Each phone also includes a lanyard that secures to a recessed connection, making the phone a fashionable accessory that’s ready to record video, but won’t accidentally slip out of your hand. And yet, all of its distinct details do not come at great cost thanks to the design team’s explorations in creative efficiency.



ROG GT51 is designed to provide extreme gaming experiences. It has an aggressive design with 4wsfighter jet-inspired elements and features turbine-like air intakes that glow, LED effect across the chassis, as well as an illuminated ROG Eye logo. Inside, it features a special thermal design with a dual liquid cooling system and air channels. ROG GT 51 is targeted at the mainstream to high-end gaming desktop segment. It is designed to appeal to gamers who are looking for an aggressive-looking gaming desktop with exceptional performance, improved energy-efficiency and low noise levels.